Saturday, 22 November 2008

My Heart Cried -Burn Card - Laura Baumbach


I recently read Burn Card by Laura Baumbach and it held the most poignant scene for me this week. I seriously would have liked to have stayed with Gil and Cody a little while longer.

I am pleased to say that Burn Card is the book that made My Heart Cried this week.

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Framed in the doorway stood the white knight Bruce had predicted. But this
one was tall, dark and Latino. Cody’s heart skipped a beat. He felt a rush of icy
cold flush through his body and out his toes. For a fleeting second he thought he
might pass out from the relief. Then exhilaration made him choke up. Tears
burned at the back of his eyes and his voice deserted him. All he could do was
nod at Gil’s questioning stare before the big man was at his side, murmuring
nonsense words of comfort as he cut Cody’s wrists and ankles free.
“Found you.” Gil almost managed to make it sound as if Cody had gotten
lost in the shopping mall. His voice was soft and tender and oh so broken as if
Gil couldn’t get the syllables out all at once the way they were meant to be said.
The tears broke free, but Cody didn’t need to worry about any condemning
stares from other officers if they looked into the room, not with his face buried
hard against Gil’s chest and his entire body shielded from the doorway by
Jared’s broad back.
Thank God this night was over. It had been a one graveyard shift that had
lived up to its name.


Taken From Burn Card - Laura Baumbach

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