Sunday, 30 November 2008

MÉNAGE and More: Nice and Naughty - Jayne Rylon

Alexa Jones feels let down after her last disastrous attempt at a relationship, that is until she comes across twin Justin and Jason. Alexa is noted for her negotiation skills and her iron willed controlled in the boardroom. However, that is shattered when she indulges in a one on one race with a stranger on a late night drive and takes it a step further and indulges her pent up passion with the stranger as well. She is shocked when she comes face to face with the stranger across her conference table the next morning - she quickly realizes that there’s more at stake than her career.

Justin and Jason Winston, twins but different on every level - where Justin likes the freedom of the wind in his hair and a bike under him, Jason is comfortable in the corporate world of cut throat banter and threats. When Justin meets a young woman one night on a late night ride, she eludes him before he gets her name. Little did he know that his brother also has his eyes on the same young lady.

When the three meet under extreme circumstances, they not only form a bond in order to protect each other, but also to protect a valued innovation. However once the excitement of the chase and the intrigue of corporate betrayal has dimmed, can their relationship survive all their difference and are they all ready for a partnership of three?

Nice and Naughty is a perfect read from Jayne Rylon’s, girl meets boy and boy meets girl. Jason, Justin and Alexa has an explosive introduction, a tumultuous getting to know you period between them and they all collided to form a united force that is so strong that it can withstand anything that’s thrown at it.

Alexa has reached the point where she doubts she will ever find the right man. She has her heart set on a man that understands her, can have a decent conversation, yet alpha male enough to make her burn in all the right places. She has become disillusioned by the men she meets and the whole relationship scene. When she meets not one but two men she is under no illusion that these two are the perfect whole for her.

Jason and Justin are looking for the same thing - a partner to complete them. While they have not set out to end up in a ménage, they are very open to the possibility and throw themselves wholeheartedly into the relationship. When they meet Alexa, they also are under no illusion that they both satisfies different aspect of her personality – Justin satisfies her need for speed and male domination, while Jason fulfills the intellectual side of her that still goes all hot for the geeky guy across the boardroom table.

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