Saturday, 29 November 2008

A Haunted Love - J.M Snyder

When Colonial re-enactor Nick misses his bus one night and has no way of getting home, he walks the now eerie lonely street in search of somewhere to stay. When he meets another actor on the foggy streets he thanks his lucky stars as he thought he was alone in the town. Looking at the man dressed similarly in colonial garb he is instantly attracted.

On his way home from his job as an apprentice glass blower David meets a stranger who not only talks funny but seems to have no where else to stay for the night. Inviting him home they both get caught up in the magic of the moment and only find out the bare facts about each other.

When Nick searches for his new found friend at the place where he is supposed to work – no one knows him. Things just doesn’t add up for both of them – but it become more than clear that they cannot resist the pull towards each other, is there little wonder when Nick starts wondering if there is a ghost in the second floor after all?

J.M Snyder has given us a love story that’s not only set in the beautiful colonial era but also a story filled with reality as much as fantasy.

David and Nick are searching for that special one and have somehow crossed the divide of time to be with one they want. Nick a happy go lucky sort of guy is perfect for David, a rather intense but curious young man. Where one is bold the other is quite timid – which make for a lot of uncertainty when they start searching for each other.

Another brilliant one for your shelf from J.M Snyder, as usual the style of writing is quite additive, you’ll find yourself at the end of this book before you even realize it. A fantastic read.

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