Friday, 28 November 2008

The Gallery - Dakota Rebel


Lana Healy finally caves into her best friend’s demand of a blind date with an artist who has not only gotten great reviews in the press for his work, but is also a good friend of her best friend’s husband. Lana is quite sure she remembers the description of her blind date when she sits waiting at the restaurant – tall, short hair, grey eyes with a great body – at no point does she remember hearing that he’s also a vampire.

Expecting the usual blind date scenario, Conner turns up at the restaurant La Dolce Vita to find the most fascinating woman, with a habit of being as honest as possible. Not only does she also have a wicked sense of humour she is also alive.

Making the best of the evening and compensating for their surprise – Conner and Lana follow their instinct; but can they accept that as much as they are attracted to each other – they only have until morning to be with each other?

WOW – Dakota Rebel’s short story THE GALLERY is a read that will have you knee deep in steam. From the first moment you start reading this book – there is air of expectancy – like you’re waiting for the pin to drop and drop it did, when Lana meets Conner.

Lana is funny and makes for some of the most hilarious moments in the book. Conner is a classic vampire – old world charm, seeing below the surface and a sense of honesty that puts him on a rung above the rest on the ladder.

Surprisingly, this is my first Dakota Rebel book, and there is no two way about it, it will definitely not be my last.

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