Thursday, 27 November 2008

Falcon Mercenary Group Book 2: Into the lair - Maya Banks


After killing the brother of a psychotic drug dealer - Ricardo de la Cruz, Katie Buchanan goes on the run. With only her brother – Gabe - knowing of her plight, he teaches her how to defend herself, and most importantly to trust no one. Playing phone tag as their only means of communication, she prepares to go on the run - again, when Gabe misses the second call and she starts to face the reality that he might be dead.

On top of all she has to deal with, a strange man calling on the number that should only be known by Gabe, not only confirms her fear for Gabe, but also ups her plans to go on the run and run as fast as she can.

Ian and Braden are on a mission of sort and it may not have a happy ending if Ian has his way. Acting on a promise to their friend - Gabe, they try to locate his sister and bring her safety. They are on a race against time and a lot of it depends on the slippery Ms. Buchanan, as, as soon as she is found, she gives them the slip – again and again.

With problems of their own to deal with, an attraction to the feisty young woman who gives them a merry chase is not what they want or need. But as shifters, as that is what they have both become – they enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the other emotion that Katie has unknowingly brought out in them.

Trust does not come easily for Katie and both men have a hard time convincing her that they have only her best interest at heart. Ian and Braden are themselves faced with an emotional involvement that has come upon them most unexpectedly. With trust issue and secrets aplenty – what chance does these three have of making a go of it - together?

Ms. Banks has one mighty powerful imagination. Every since reading the first in the Falcon Mercenary Group SeriesInto the Mist – my anticipation for the second book was not unexpected, as although it was a little out of the realm of what we are used to from Ms. Banks – it was a book to make you sit up and take note.

Ian, Braden and Katie are evenly suited; they all bring different element to their union and it worked well for them. They are not only funny, but brave and loyal, while also being hell on each other’s nerves as only true lovers can be.

Ian is the most reserved of the group, but also the most protective of those he holds dearest to his heart. Braden, the joker of the pack is all strut and ego, but knows when to draw the line between business and pleasure and for his mates, he is all business. Katie is that unexpected force of nature that they never in their wildest dream imagine they would meet or have the opportunity to call their own. She handles Ian and Braden beautifully and turns out to be more of a firebrand that they would ever imagine.

The loves scenes are scorching hot and although a union of three, the pace of the booked is evenly timed, allowing for the mystery of Katie pursuer to run its course and the three protagonists to learn enough about each other to make a fair assessment of how they will work together.

Ms. Bank has brought her own style to a genre that is over run with the usual. Into the Lair is a thrilling ride and although the second in a series – it stands alone and will give reader a fantastic feel of what a brilliant author Ms. Banks is. If however you are looking for a bit more depth and knowledge about the situation that the men have found themselves in, it’s highly recommended to start with the first in the series.

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