Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Englor Affair - J.L. Langley

One of the most anticipated books for me this year is The Englor Affair and I must admit it was brilliant.

The story itself is bases around Payton Townsend – one of the young Princes of the Planet Regelence - who journeys to Planet Englor along with his brother-in-law – Admiral Nathaniel Hawkins. Under the guise of military inspection, They have undertaken the job of spy in order to gather information about the Englor Marine Corp and the IN, and how they play into the note found by Payton’s brother Aiden and Nate’s son Trouble.

Payton first order of business is to use is computer expertise to make secure the offices that he and Nate will be sharing. The next thing on his list is to try and integrate himself with the local on the base – his logical choice is the gym.

Colonel Simon Hollister, highly regarded member of Englor Marine Corp, a respected IN soldier and also the next in line to the throne of Englor, did not expect the impromptu base inspection when his friend gave him the news that the Admiral was arriving on base. Expecting the standard inspection he soon develop a six sense that something more was going on, when the tongue tied new face in the gym seem to not only be keeping secrets from him, but was adamant about the Admiral not knowing what he gets up.

While concern over his missing friend is at the forefront of his mind, Simon also find himself unable to get Payton – the shy young man from the gym – out of his mind, and soon take measure to get closer to him. With parental issues and plan afoot, unknown to him, he enjoys his dalliance with Payton.

When they both learn each other identity, there is hell to pay; as feeling are hurts, unexpected demands are made on them and the fact they seem to be doing the right thing does not sit well with them.

Be warned readers and fan of Ms. Langley, The Englor Affair is a totally different book to her first in the Sci-Regency Series - My Fair Captain.

The second in the series is a character driven books, all the wonderful character of the first book are mention only in passing; This story is defiantly Simon and Payton’s story.

Payton the young prince from Regelence is excited about the chance for freedom from his restrictive parents and his ever watchful minders. When he faces new situation, like, for the first time, a room full of not only gorgeous men, but gorgeous half naked men, he is spoilt for choice. Not knowing a good thing when he feels it – he runs away. He however knows that the feeling he is having for the first time is something to treasure, but also something to be very wary of.

Simon is a man worthy of the crown of Englor, after taking matter into his own hands in regards to his career choice, as well as standing up to parents who are at best ignorant of the fact of why he’s made the choices he’s made and at worst involved in something that cannot bear thinking about. He knows he wants Payton from the moment he sees him and not knowing who Payton is; he is prepared to enjoy his time with him. When his emotions turns out to be stronger than he imagined, he is not given a chance to work through them with Payton - as the unexpected happens and he is placed in a situation where he has to do the right thing, for both their sakes.

The book has some hilarious funny moments that have definite touches of the Townsend household on Regelence. Prince Plague as he is know in the Townsend household, grows up, and grows up fast on Englor, when he is thrust in to the limelight that is Simons life.

There are some worthwhile characters that are champions of Simon’s and Payton’s relationship. They are faithful, loyal and will go the extra mile to make them happy – even the holier than thou housekeeper becomes their most resourceful ally.

I for one am happy to see Payton settle with Simon, and although he will be missed in the Townsend’s household – he is among trusted friends on the planet Englor.

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