Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Burn Card - Laura Baumbach


Kidnapped, tied up, scared and trying to find a way to get to his birthday present before his kidnapper gets back, Cody Baxter is worried.

Criminalist and long-term partner of private security owner, Gil Turko, Cody spends his days cleaning up after the worst of society. When asked to cover a graveyard shift, he spends the day cuddled up to his man and enjoys the time they have together, not knowing that this graveyard shift might be the shift to send him to his grave.

When Gil gets the news that his life and, his reason for living is missing, feared kidnapped – he brings out all his resources to help him Cody.

After all avenue turns out to be dead ends, he remember the birthday present that he gave Cody just the night before. What Gil doesn’t know is that Cody is more worried about the kidnapper that he is about himself. Can Gill find him in time before they lose it all?

Laura Baumbach is an amazingly talented author and Burn Card says it all. She has brought an element of innocent and old world possessive charm to her two protagonists. Cody is the super science geek – that holds the heart of his warrior – Gil in the palm of his hand.

They are a happy couple, comfortable and secure in their relationship as detective and criminalist, without any pretence about what they mean to each other. Gil adores Cody and takes his safety as seriously as you would expect for the man he loves. Cody knows he is loved and he loves Gil in return – shy about how he expresses his emotion; he clearly knows he has to protect his man when the truth of his situation becomes clear to him.  

I really enjoyed this book, I must admit that I would have like a little more of their story, as the dynamics between the two men is great. The connection between the two is so strong it’s almost tangible. Ms. Baumbach is onto a winner with Burn Card.

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