Friday, 21 November 2008

Brackets - AKM Miles

Brackets Austin Edmunds, city boy and photojournalist, becomes fascinated along with the entire country by the death of two young men and the emotional heartbreak of their family. When he is sent up the Smokey Mountain on assignment to get their story – he is thrilled. His one plan for the day after finding the town is to find his guide Brack Edge. Coming up to the mountain no one told him that he would find the loveliest bear of a man, just waiting to be cuddled, which was exactly what Brack is.

Brack Edge, furniture maker and only known gay in town, is right where he wants to be, in a town that he loves, moving at a pace which suits him and friends whom he can rely on just down the mountain. When he steps out of his shop to find a stranger being harassed by the local rowdies – he quickly sorts them out. When he turns to introduce himself, he found himself looking at the most perfect man he’s seen in a long time.

Brack and Austin are in each others pockets from the moment they set eyes on each other. Not all things are smooth sailing as they both come to care and be caught up in the story that Austin is sent to write, along with events surrounding a young man trying to find himself. There is also the more pressing matter of what will happen when Austin’s report is finished, as Brack won’t give up his mountain that easily and Austin is definitely a city boy.

AKM Miles’ BRACKETS is a powerful love story, full of all the thing you wish would never happen and the impossible dreams you hoped for with every fiber of your being.

Austin is instantly attracted to Brack, after isolating himself for years he makes no qualm about letting the object of his affection knows that he wants him. Brack is also attracted to Austin, but does things at a much slower pace as he wants to get to know the real Austin and goes about it in his own way.

The love scenes are erotic and you get easily caught up in the passion between the two. Although there is an instant attraction between the protagonists, the growth to knowing each other and accepting the people and circumstance around them are evenly paced. This book is filled with huge loss, deep regret, but also brimming with hope and the knowledge that anything is possible.

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