Sunday, 30 November 2008

MÉNAGE and More: Nice and Naughty - Jayne Rylon

Alexa Jones feels let down after her last disastrous attempt at a relationship, that is until she comes across twin Justin and Jason. Alexa is noted for her negotiation skills and her iron willed controlled in the boardroom. However, that is shattered when she indulges in a one on one race with a stranger on a late night drive and takes it a step further and indulges her pent up passion with the stranger as well. She is shocked when she comes face to face with the stranger across her conference table the next morning - she quickly realizes that there’s more at stake than her career.

Justin and Jason Winston, twins but different on every level - where Justin likes the freedom of the wind in his hair and a bike under him, Jason is comfortable in the corporate world of cut throat banter and threats. When Justin meets a young woman one night on a late night ride, she eludes him before he gets her name. Little did he know that his brother also has his eyes on the same young lady.

When the three meet under extreme circumstances, they not only form a bond in order to protect each other, but also to protect a valued innovation. However once the excitement of the chase and the intrigue of corporate betrayal has dimmed, can their relationship survive all their difference and are they all ready for a partnership of three?

Nice and Naughty is a perfect read from Jayne Rylon’s, girl meets boy and boy meets girl. Jason, Justin and Alexa has an explosive introduction, a tumultuous getting to know you period between them and they all collided to form a united force that is so strong that it can withstand anything that’s thrown at it.

Alexa has reached the point where she doubts she will ever find the right man. She has her heart set on a man that understands her, can have a decent conversation, yet alpha male enough to make her burn in all the right places. She has become disillusioned by the men she meets and the whole relationship scene. When she meets not one but two men she is under no illusion that these two are the perfect whole for her.

Jason and Justin are looking for the same thing - a partner to complete them. While they have not set out to end up in a ménage, they are very open to the possibility and throw themselves wholeheartedly into the relationship. When they meet Alexa, they also are under no illusion that they both satisfies different aspect of her personality – Justin satisfies her need for speed and male domination, while Jason fulfills the intellectual side of her that still goes all hot for the geeky guy across the boardroom table.

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Tangled Web - Terry O’Reilly


Kevin Baker, banker, husband and father, is not happy with his job, his marriage or his life at the moment, and wants more than he has - preferably with someone else. He goes to his local gym to burn off some of his frustration and to ogle the eye candy that strut their stuff at the machines.

He quickly set is eyes on one member in particular but has trouble connecting at the gym. He makes every effort to finds out this dream man’s name – Jake Whittaker. After missing him for days on end his luck finally turns. Only his eye candy is also hunting – and he’s the prey.

When the night goes as expected and passion burns brighter than anything either of them have ever experienced, they are over the moon. They quickly fall to earth when both realize the risk they took was and is greater than they imagined when they started the night.

Terry O’Reilly’s Tangled, is not for the faint of heart. Tangled deals with all the issues head on that are normally skirted over in romance novels.

It’s a refreshing change to read a story where the protagonists are in for a penny and in for a pound situation. Married and not happy in his home life Kevin, albeit secretly, goes through all the obvious avenues to hook up with people of a like mind. He quickly sets his eyes on and makes every effort to catch the eye of one of the most attractive men he’s seen in a long time at the gym.

Jake knows a good thing when he sees him, and makes no bones about going after Kevin, but the one thing he needs to make clear to him is also the one thing that neither of them may be able to live with.

While the book would be considered a novella, it does pack a mighty punch – morality is tested, emotional upheavals are rampant through the pages, tears are shed. But hope and the fact that with patience, perseverance and a whole lot of compromising, even the tangled web we weave can become untangled to give us ultimate pleasure.

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Saturday, 29 November 2008

Jamesville 6 - By The Book - N.J. Walters

Taking the chance of a lifetime, single and starting a business in a new  town, antiquarian Amanda Barrington gets down to business trying to sort out the mess that is her house and home.

Before she’s even had a chance to unpack the coffee pot, her first customer was at the door. Excited at the prospect of digging into her passion she opens the door to a man who’s all man and promptly forgot everything else.

Ex-military and not very trusting, Jonah Sutter, having just come back to small town Jamesville, finds himself instantly attracted to the new business owner who stood on the other side of the door to him. Helping out family he hardly expects to find romance at the beginning of the day.

With the temperature sizzling between them, they are brought back to earth when Amanda realizes she needs Jonah for more than just overhauling her electrical system – but also to protect her from the unknown danger that has just entered her life.

Jonah is not big on commitment, but when someone dares touch Amanda he breaks all his rules and sets out to protect her – little did he know that his heart was more at risk than he even realized.

It’s always a pleasure returning to Jamesville and on this our sixth visit with Ms. Walters; we are treated to nothing less than same small town madness, pettiness and downright vindictiveness. Amanda and Jonah are classic Walters’s creation, two people not ready to commit but who have little or no power to stop the emotional rollercoaster - love.

Amanda and Jonah are both likable protagonist, they are compatible in so many ways, but with life experience and challenges, one wants to embrace the unfamiliar and have someone to call her own, while the other has move around and on to the next thing for so long it’s second nature to him and he can’t imagine anything else.

BY THE BOOK is a thrilling read with some of the usual suspects making an entrance and new people are introduced to us from the Jamesville community. Ms. Walters’s fictional community is a wonderful town to which I am always eager to return.

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A Haunted Love - J.M Snyder

When Colonial re-enactor Nick misses his bus one night and has no way of getting home, he walks the now eerie lonely street in search of somewhere to stay. When he meets another actor on the foggy streets he thanks his lucky stars as he thought he was alone in the town. Looking at the man dressed similarly in colonial garb he is instantly attracted.

On his way home from his job as an apprentice glass blower David meets a stranger who not only talks funny but seems to have no where else to stay for the night. Inviting him home they both get caught up in the magic of the moment and only find out the bare facts about each other.

When Nick searches for his new found friend at the place where he is supposed to work – no one knows him. Things just doesn’t add up for both of them – but it become more than clear that they cannot resist the pull towards each other, is there little wonder when Nick starts wondering if there is a ghost in the second floor after all?

J.M Snyder has given us a love story that’s not only set in the beautiful colonial era but also a story filled with reality as much as fantasy.

David and Nick are searching for that special one and have somehow crossed the divide of time to be with one they want. Nick a happy go lucky sort of guy is perfect for David, a rather intense but curious young man. Where one is bold the other is quite timid – which make for a lot of uncertainty when they start searching for each other.

Another brilliant one for your shelf from J.M Snyder, as usual the style of writing is quite additive, you’ll find yourself at the end of this book before you even realize it. A fantastic read.

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Friday, 28 November 2008

The Gallery - Dakota Rebel


Lana Healy finally caves into her best friend’s demand of a blind date with an artist who has not only gotten great reviews in the press for his work, but is also a good friend of her best friend’s husband. Lana is quite sure she remembers the description of her blind date when she sits waiting at the restaurant – tall, short hair, grey eyes with a great body – at no point does she remember hearing that he’s also a vampire.

Expecting the usual blind date scenario, Conner turns up at the restaurant La Dolce Vita to find the most fascinating woman, with a habit of being as honest as possible. Not only does she also have a wicked sense of humour she is also alive.

Making the best of the evening and compensating for their surprise – Conner and Lana follow their instinct; but can they accept that as much as they are attracted to each other – they only have until morning to be with each other?

WOW – Dakota Rebel’s short story THE GALLERY is a read that will have you knee deep in steam. From the first moment you start reading this book – there is air of expectancy – like you’re waiting for the pin to drop and drop it did, when Lana meets Conner.

Lana is funny and makes for some of the most hilarious moments in the book. Conner is a classic vampire – old world charm, seeing below the surface and a sense of honesty that puts him on a rung above the rest on the ladder.

Surprisingly, this is my first Dakota Rebel book, and there is no two way about it, it will definitely not be my last.

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Playing The Market - Drew Zachary


Workaholic Lyle finds the ultimate joy in the job that he does for twelve hours a day and his exercise program. At no point in his day, has he accounted for a gorgeous, well muscled man stopping him on his daily run.

Rupe, carefree and full of life, meets up with Lyle on a hot summer’s day. He casually tosses out an invite for breakfast – and ends up spending the entire summer with Lyle.

Rupe however has itchy feet and will move on at the end of the summer. Can Lyle be enough to ground him from his wandering ways or can they build an odd sort of relationship between them?

Drew Zachary is one of my auto buy authors and I was most pleased with PLAYING THE MARKET. Rupe and Lyle are your average men, hard working, intense and probably take things a little too extreme – especially in Lyle’s case with his workaholic manner.

They are not only fun together, they fit together and they have no general angst’s that aren’t easily solved or a compromise reached before it become a problem.

Not the usual Zachary style, but a welcome change that is no less enjoyable. Lyle and Rupe are two people that I would love for Drew Zachary to revisit in the future.

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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Giving Thanks - Maura Anderson


After two years of living together, Troy had the whole Thanksgiving celebration weekend down to an art. Work over time to get the two days off –spend the first day with his lover Derek’s family and the next day is just for them – and of course to remember to act like they were only friend in front of the family. However when he arrived home and saw Derek already at home, he knew in his gut that this Thanksgiving was not going to go as planned.

Derek has long lived his life to please his family – his father to be exact. When he just had enough of the bad mouth and expectations from his father, he confirms that Troy is not his roommate but his lover. Things get worse than he had expected and he is left to make the best of the celebration with the man he love.

GIVING THANKS is all that you would imagine the Thanksgiving holidays should be about. A book full of; secrets, family expectation, love and surprises along with a whole lot of forgiveness.

Derek and Troy are perfect for each other, there is no pretence about the love that they feel for each other and the respect that they have for their family. In wanting to have it all, family, friends and each other they make decisions based on assumptions and almost lose sight of things that are important to them.

The book has not only that hold your breath moment when you think, ‘please let it work out’ but also some hilarious moment where you just have to say thank God for the in-laws. I really enjoy Ms. Anderson’s GIVING THANKS.

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Falcon Mercenary Group Book 2: Into the lair - Maya Banks


After killing the brother of a psychotic drug dealer - Ricardo de la Cruz, Katie Buchanan goes on the run. With only her brother – Gabe - knowing of her plight, he teaches her how to defend herself, and most importantly to trust no one. Playing phone tag as their only means of communication, she prepares to go on the run - again, when Gabe misses the second call and she starts to face the reality that he might be dead.

On top of all she has to deal with, a strange man calling on the number that should only be known by Gabe, not only confirms her fear for Gabe, but also ups her plans to go on the run and run as fast as she can.

Ian and Braden are on a mission of sort and it may not have a happy ending if Ian has his way. Acting on a promise to their friend - Gabe, they try to locate his sister and bring her safety. They are on a race against time and a lot of it depends on the slippery Ms. Buchanan, as, as soon as she is found, she gives them the slip – again and again.

With problems of their own to deal with, an attraction to the feisty young woman who gives them a merry chase is not what they want or need. But as shifters, as that is what they have both become – they enjoy the thrill of the hunt and the other emotion that Katie has unknowingly brought out in them.

Trust does not come easily for Katie and both men have a hard time convincing her that they have only her best interest at heart. Ian and Braden are themselves faced with an emotional involvement that has come upon them most unexpectedly. With trust issue and secrets aplenty – what chance does these three have of making a go of it - together?

Ms. Banks has one mighty powerful imagination. Every since reading the first in the Falcon Mercenary Group SeriesInto the Mist – my anticipation for the second book was not unexpected, as although it was a little out of the realm of what we are used to from Ms. Banks – it was a book to make you sit up and take note.

Ian, Braden and Katie are evenly suited; they all bring different element to their union and it worked well for them. They are not only funny, but brave and loyal, while also being hell on each other’s nerves as only true lovers can be.

Ian is the most reserved of the group, but also the most protective of those he holds dearest to his heart. Braden, the joker of the pack is all strut and ego, but knows when to draw the line between business and pleasure and for his mates, he is all business. Katie is that unexpected force of nature that they never in their wildest dream imagine they would meet or have the opportunity to call their own. She handles Ian and Braden beautifully and turns out to be more of a firebrand that they would ever imagine.

The loves scenes are scorching hot and although a union of three, the pace of the booked is evenly timed, allowing for the mystery of Katie pursuer to run its course and the three protagonists to learn enough about each other to make a fair assessment of how they will work together.

Ms. Bank has brought her own style to a genre that is over run with the usual. Into the Lair is a thrilling ride and although the second in a series – it stands alone and will give reader a fantastic feel of what a brilliant author Ms. Banks is. If however you are looking for a bit more depth and knowledge about the situation that the men have found themselves in, it’s highly recommended to start with the first in the series.

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Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Burn Card - Laura Baumbach


Kidnapped, tied up, scared and trying to find a way to get to his birthday present before his kidnapper gets back, Cody Baxter is worried.

Criminalist and long-term partner of private security owner, Gil Turko, Cody spends his days cleaning up after the worst of society. When asked to cover a graveyard shift, he spends the day cuddled up to his man and enjoys the time they have together, not knowing that this graveyard shift might be the shift to send him to his grave.

When Gil gets the news that his life and, his reason for living is missing, feared kidnapped – he brings out all his resources to help him Cody.

After all avenue turns out to be dead ends, he remember the birthday present that he gave Cody just the night before. What Gil doesn’t know is that Cody is more worried about the kidnapper that he is about himself. Can Gill find him in time before they lose it all?

Laura Baumbach is an amazingly talented author and Burn Card says it all. She has brought an element of innocent and old world possessive charm to her two protagonists. Cody is the super science geek – that holds the heart of his warrior – Gil in the palm of his hand.

They are a happy couple, comfortable and secure in their relationship as detective and criminalist, without any pretence about what they mean to each other. Gil adores Cody and takes his safety as seriously as you would expect for the man he loves. Cody knows he is loved and he loves Gil in return – shy about how he expresses his emotion; he clearly knows he has to protect his man when the truth of his situation becomes clear to him.  

I really enjoyed this book, I must admit that I would have like a little more of their story, as the dynamics between the two men is great. The connection between the two is so strong it’s almost tangible. Ms. Baumbach is onto a winner with Burn Card.

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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Englor Affair - J.L. Langley

One of the most anticipated books for me this year is The Englor Affair and I must admit it was brilliant.

The story itself is bases around Payton Townsend – one of the young Princes of the Planet Regelence - who journeys to Planet Englor along with his brother-in-law – Admiral Nathaniel Hawkins. Under the guise of military inspection, They have undertaken the job of spy in order to gather information about the Englor Marine Corp and the IN, and how they play into the note found by Payton’s brother Aiden and Nate’s son Trouble.

Payton first order of business is to use is computer expertise to make secure the offices that he and Nate will be sharing. The next thing on his list is to try and integrate himself with the local on the base – his logical choice is the gym.

Colonel Simon Hollister, highly regarded member of Englor Marine Corp, a respected IN soldier and also the next in line to the throne of Englor, did not expect the impromptu base inspection when his friend gave him the news that the Admiral was arriving on base. Expecting the standard inspection he soon develop a six sense that something more was going on, when the tongue tied new face in the gym seem to not only be keeping secrets from him, but was adamant about the Admiral not knowing what he gets up.

While concern over his missing friend is at the forefront of his mind, Simon also find himself unable to get Payton – the shy young man from the gym – out of his mind, and soon take measure to get closer to him. With parental issues and plan afoot, unknown to him, he enjoys his dalliance with Payton.

When they both learn each other identity, there is hell to pay; as feeling are hurts, unexpected demands are made on them and the fact they seem to be doing the right thing does not sit well with them.

Be warned readers and fan of Ms. Langley, The Englor Affair is a totally different book to her first in the Sci-Regency Series - My Fair Captain.

The second in the series is a character driven books, all the wonderful character of the first book are mention only in passing; This story is defiantly Simon and Payton’s story.

Payton the young prince from Regelence is excited about the chance for freedom from his restrictive parents and his ever watchful minders. When he faces new situation, like, for the first time, a room full of not only gorgeous men, but gorgeous half naked men, he is spoilt for choice. Not knowing a good thing when he feels it – he runs away. He however knows that the feeling he is having for the first time is something to treasure, but also something to be very wary of.

Simon is a man worthy of the crown of Englor, after taking matter into his own hands in regards to his career choice, as well as standing up to parents who are at best ignorant of the fact of why he’s made the choices he’s made and at worst involved in something that cannot bear thinking about. He knows he wants Payton from the moment he sees him and not knowing who Payton is; he is prepared to enjoy his time with him. When his emotions turns out to be stronger than he imagined, he is not given a chance to work through them with Payton - as the unexpected happens and he is placed in a situation where he has to do the right thing, for both their sakes.

The book has some hilarious funny moments that have definite touches of the Townsend household on Regelence. Prince Plague as he is know in the Townsend household, grows up, and grows up fast on Englor, when he is thrust in to the limelight that is Simons life.

There are some worthwhile characters that are champions of Simon’s and Payton’s relationship. They are faithful, loyal and will go the extra mile to make them happy – even the holier than thou housekeeper becomes their most resourceful ally.

I for one am happy to see Payton settle with Simon, and although he will be missed in the Townsend’s household – he is among trusted friends on the planet Englor.

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Monday, 24 November 2008

A Question Of Trust - Jess Dee


Madeline Jones is at a good place in her life and enjoying every minute of it, with her current partner Gabe. She is on a natural high and thinks thing cannot get any better - that is until Gabe introduces her to his best friend Connor.

Madeline is having the best sex of her life and does not want to rock the boat, but once she meets Connor and realizes that both Gabe and Connor are open to the possibility of a threesome she makes no bones about wanting to indulge in a life long fantasy.

Connor and Gabe has been friend a long time and have always played by a strict set of rules to not only protect their hearts but also to maintain the boundaries of friendship between them. When they both seduce Madeline into a three way night of passionate, it is the best and most passionate night for two of three, the third has no idea that the terms of a long agreement has just been broken.

Jess Dee has taken every woman’s fantasy and put it into words. A Question of Trust is a very emotional read, fraught with highs and lows of hope and regret.

Connor and Gabe have been friends for years and they have enough faith and trust in each other to share their ultimate possession – the women they adore. They have always worked by a strict code, however at no point has this agreement ever takes into account what will and has happen if one of the two falls for the lady in question.

Madeline is smart, funny, determined and strong willed enough to know exactly what she wants. While she is very much attracted to Connor for the moment she meets him, she values and respects what she has with Gabe enough to say no to him when he propositions her. Once Gabe gives the ok for things to move forward, she wastes no time in making her fantasy a reality.

A Question of Trust is a brilliant story that takes in the whole dynamics of a relationship, friendship, trust and most importantly that element of selflessness that only exists between the rarest of people. The ones who only wants the best for the most important people in their life even if it means having to give up the one you love. Ms. Dee is to be praised for her skill with the pen – a truly brilliant read.

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Sunday, 23 November 2008

Where Dreams Are Made - Anne Hope


Jenny, a survivor from a dysfunctional family, with an abusive father who eventually murdered her mother in front of her, had not lost any of her human decency, when she jumps in to help when a young friend gets into trouble. This one act of kindness find her not only caught up in a seemingly no win situation but also owing a huge amount of money to the local pimp. When a kindly gentleman steps out of the dark and offers her an alternative to make quick money, she jumps at the chance.

Daniel Frost, a semi recluse due to an accident that has left him not only scared on the outside but with heavier scars on the inside. The same accident that has left him in this condition has also taken from him, two of the three people that his world revolved around. The third is left blaming him for the accident. He also blames himself and seeks refuse on an isolated island making toys with minimal human contact. When Daniel’s grandfather decides to play Father Christmas and make is Christmas the stuff dreams are made of, he for one did not realize the lengths his grandfather would go to, to make him happy.

Daniel is surprise when Jenny turns up on the island to work as his assistant. She however quickly earns his trust and they form a bond that is fragile at best and hopeless at worst, unless they both can be honest with themselves and each other; before the matter is taken out of their hand.

Ms. Hope multiple award finalist, Where Dreams Are Made is a truly thrilling read. Her protagonist Jenny and Daniel are clearly the perfect half of each other on so many levels. Jenny has had a most traumatic childhood, which only a very strong willed person could have been able to pick themselves up from. Despite all that she still has enough human decency to not only help a friend in need, but also puts herself in a bind to do it. Jenny’s character is gutsy, determine and full of hope. She can and is prepare to dream despite the situation she finds herself in. Although she meets Daniel under dubious circumstances that inbred decency that she has, can’t let her be less than true to her own belief.

After being emotionally and physically traumatized at such a young age, Daniel is very weary of stranger bearing gift, which is exactly how he thinks of Jenny until he realizes that she sees past the scares on his face to the person on the inside. Daniel is human enough to be vain about his looks and how the outside world off his island views him, however he is also that lost little boy who only wants the love and approval of his parent. When he make the decision to let Jenny into his world, he open up his entire self and expect nothing less from the woman he see as the one person who accepts for all he is.

The love scenes are passionate and emotional, leaving you sighing with pleasure. New Author Ms. Hope has given a book worthy of a place on any bookshelf and will having you looking out for more from her in the future.

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Saturday, 22 November 2008

My Heart Cried -Burn Card - Laura Baumbach


I recently read Burn Card by Laura Baumbach and it held the most poignant scene for me this week. I seriously would have liked to have stayed with Gil and Cody a little while longer.

I am pleased to say that Burn Card is the book that made My Heart Cried this week.

See review here -


Framed in the doorway stood the white knight Bruce had predicted. But this
one was tall, dark and Latino. Cody’s heart skipped a beat. He felt a rush of icy
cold flush through his body and out his toes. For a fleeting second he thought he
might pass out from the relief. Then exhilaration made him choke up. Tears
burned at the back of his eyes and his voice deserted him. All he could do was
nod at Gil’s questioning stare before the big man was at his side, murmuring
nonsense words of comfort as he cut Cody’s wrists and ankles free.
“Found you.” Gil almost managed to make it sound as if Cody had gotten
lost in the shopping mall. His voice was soft and tender and oh so broken as if
Gil couldn’t get the syllables out all at once the way they were meant to be said.
The tears broke free, but Cody didn’t need to worry about any condemning
stares from other officers if they looked into the room, not with his face buried
hard against Gil’s chest and his entire body shielded from the doorway by
Jared’s broad back.
Thank God this night was over. It had been a one graveyard shift that had
lived up to its name.


Taken From Burn Card - Laura Baumbach

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Friday, 21 November 2008

Brackets - AKM Miles

Brackets Austin Edmunds, city boy and photojournalist, becomes fascinated along with the entire country by the death of two young men and the emotional heartbreak of their family. When he is sent up the Smokey Mountain on assignment to get their story – he is thrilled. His one plan for the day after finding the town is to find his guide Brack Edge. Coming up to the mountain no one told him that he would find the loveliest bear of a man, just waiting to be cuddled, which was exactly what Brack is.

Brack Edge, furniture maker and only known gay in town, is right where he wants to be, in a town that he loves, moving at a pace which suits him and friends whom he can rely on just down the mountain. When he steps out of his shop to find a stranger being harassed by the local rowdies – he quickly sorts them out. When he turns to introduce himself, he found himself looking at the most perfect man he’s seen in a long time.

Brack and Austin are in each others pockets from the moment they set eyes on each other. Not all things are smooth sailing as they both come to care and be caught up in the story that Austin is sent to write, along with events surrounding a young man trying to find himself. There is also the more pressing matter of what will happen when Austin’s report is finished, as Brack won’t give up his mountain that easily and Austin is definitely a city boy.

AKM Miles’ BRACKETS is a powerful love story, full of all the thing you wish would never happen and the impossible dreams you hoped for with every fiber of your being.

Austin is instantly attracted to Brack, after isolating himself for years he makes no qualm about letting the object of his affection knows that he wants him. Brack is also attracted to Austin, but does things at a much slower pace as he wants to get to know the real Austin and goes about it in his own way.

The love scenes are erotic and you get easily caught up in the passion between the two. Although there is an instant attraction between the protagonists, the growth to knowing each other and accepting the people and circumstance around them are evenly paced. This book is filled with huge loss, deep regret, but also brimming with hope and the knowledge that anything is possible.

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Thursday, 20 November 2008

One to watch - The Cowboy Comes Home: Tyler - Roni Adams


Earlier this summer I had the chance to review Roni Adams first book in  her Double D series - To Tame A Cowgirl. It was a wonderful read. I am bumping the review again, as the release of the next in the series approaches.

See review here

Her new book in the series - The Cowboy Comes Home - Tyler is still showing as coming soon on the WildRose Press Website - but this is definitely one to watch for. The book is due for release "Late 2008" - only about 6 weeks to go. I for one am so looking forward to the release, If you have never tried Ms. Adam work, her Double D series is a good place to start - exciting series with the possibility for lots of follow up to come.

See blurb and cover below;

Blurb - WildRose press

The Cowboy Comes Home: Tyler
[The Double B Series]
Yellow Rose
Roni Adams


You can never go home again." Beth Sampson almost lost her mind when her childhood sweetheart and fiancee Tyler Weston up and left. He walked away from her and the family's ranch, the Double B without so much as a goodbye. Now he's come home for the holidays but while his brothers act like its the best Christmas gift ever, she wants to return him. Thank goodness New Year's will be here shortly and he'll leave again. Only this time he won't be taking her heart with him, or does he still have it?

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Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Review - Feral Heat - Jenna Byrnes, Jude Mason


Back Of The Book

Book one in the Untamed Hearts Series

The scent of a female is a powerful thing. Kai, leader of the cougar clan finds that out the hard way, much to his distress. Can he and his life mate, Aric, find the stolen talisman before it's too late?

The female's scent is highly arousing, even to a cougar closely mated to his male partner. But Kai is no ordinary cougar. He's a changeling, sometimes a highly sexed human, and sometimes an even friskier cat. He mounts the seductive Sable, unaware of her mission and exactly what he's preparing to lose.
The talisman amulet has kept the cougar clan at peace for generations. When it's stolen Kai and his mate, the handsome Aric, set out on a journey to recover it. Meeting treachery and deception at every turn, the duo are forced to battle not only for the peace of the cougar clans, but for their very survival, and the life of their newfound love, Sable.


A man, his soul mate and the woman of his dreams, are caught in a battle to find an ancient amulet that holds the four clans together. In trying to find the amulet – they have to face one deadly enemy who is dead set on destroying what they have only just found.

Kai, leader of the cougar clan already has his mate – beautiful Aric, yet in order to provide kits for his clan he needs to mate with a female. While he has not made a choice of which female will be given the honour of bearing his cubs; that has not stopped him from sampling the fruits of the pack.

Aric does not indulge in Kai’s lust for the female members of the pack, as he is yet to meet the female that he is attracted to enough to have her in his bed.

When Kai is drawn to the tantalizing scent of an unknown female – Sable – he follows his instincts and takes her to his bed. Unaware that she has a mission to complete, he enjoys his time with her. When the sacred amulet of the clan goes missing along with Kai’s bed-mate, both Aric and Kai quickly come to the conclusion that more is afoot than meets the eye.

With deception and treachery dodging their feet at every turn, they are on a race against time to not only find the talisman, but also to find Sable.

Jenna Byrnes and Jude Mason’s FERAL HEAT is an intense read. With the search for a female to have his cubs Kai not only becomes more thoughtful, he also becomes more lustful, and with their highly developed sense of smell, the whole cougar clan wonders when he will make a choice.

Aric is the perfect partner, faithful to a fault, loyal to only Kai and the clan, but also determine and selfless enough to know his limitations and accept what cannot be changed.

Sable is literally caught between loyalty and a demented killer, when she meets Kai she quickly picks up on a few things. The need in Kai, the fact that the passion they share comes only once, and also the fact that Kai is a fair and honest leader to his own clan.

FERAL HEAT is a brilliant collaboration between Byrnes and Mason and a wonderful paranormal novel. I for one am looking forward to more from these two.

Review first published at:

Romance Junkies Review: Feral Heat - Jamie Hill, Jude Mason

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Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Soul Mate: Secrets - Jourdan Lane


Peter is back and this time he is caught up in the middle of events related to the entire coven and wolf pack. Lucien, his lover and the man of his choice, is not only keeping secrets from him; they also seem to be at cross purposes with each other.

Everyone seems to want a piece of him. Nicholas is determined to find a place in his life even at the risk of a head-on collision with the master vampire. The council’s determined to have their pound of flesh. Concern for their fallen angel Simon is always at the back of his mind, and to top it off, disrespect from the one person he went all out to help.

With jealousy, intrigue and deception abound the final nail in the coffin for Peter is to find out that recent murders are being committed by a look alike and it’s getting closer to home.

I have been eagerly counting down the days on my calendar for this book, and I was not disappointed. For fan of the SOUL MATES series expect the same old players, with a whole new set of issue.

Ms. Lane’s SECRETS, is written as a direct follow up to SACRIFICE, there are moments when it feels as if we had never left the coven for a few month. Peter is caught in the middle of love, want and need. He loves Lucien and feels as if everything they have is slipping away from them. He wants to help all the people who make is life better in the coven, he also wants to recapture the smile and joy that has been missing from the halls for awhile now. He needs to find a way to bring it all together, to make the people around him realize that he is a person and not an extension of Lucien.

The usual suspects make an appearance in this outing of SOUL MATES, with new roles and responsibility given to the core team of the coven. With the introduction of new partnerships and new tensions surrounding the coven and the pack, I am so looking forward to the next instalment in this brilliant series.

Review first published at:

Romance Junkies Review: Soul Mate - Secrets - Jourdan Lane

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Monday, 17 November 2008

Live For Today - Carol Lynne

Blurb - Total E-Bound

Life has been good for Justin Nelson. With a big bowl game mere weeks away, the pressure is on. For some men, being stretched in two different directions might become too much, but not for Justin, he thrives on it. Trying to balance life with his long-time partner, Luc, and his duty to the team gives Justin a rush like no other.
Luc Henley hates seeing the love of his life push himself. Every football season it seems to get worse as he watches Justin burn the candle at both ends. When he notices warning signs of a potential health problem, Luc begs Justin to slow down enough to see a doctor.
After he ignores his lover's pleas, Justin is suddenly faced with a life-changing illness, and when he gives up, it's up to Luc, Justin's friends and players to pull him back from the brink of despair.

My Musing:

I have just finished Carol Lynne's last in her Campus Carving Series - Live for Today, and believe me, it was all and more than I expected.

This last books is dedicated to Justin and Luc, the two men who started the whole series all these many months ago. Luc, investment banker and long term partner of Justin is at the end of his tether about what to do in regards to the ever increasing amount of time Justin spends involved with his work, with little or no regard for his health or the people that loves him.

Knowing that something had to give and wanting to preempt it before it arrived, Luc begs Justin to take it easier and make an appointment to see the doctor. Watching a train wreck about to happen and not being able to do anything about it is not easy; yet when Luc gets the call that Justin has been admitted to the hospital, his whole world falls apart.

With both men facing their own demons, Justin not unexpected illness, have them re -evaluating their relationship and the realization that they have just been given a second chance.

I can honestly say I could hardly wait for the release of this book, and at no point was I more thankful for the six hours time difference than I was today. Firstly I was dreading the end of the Campus Craving Series, as it's always a pleasure to see what new twist and turn Ms. Lynne gives to her plot and what new drama she has dropped her characters into.

Justin is where he wants to be, with a partner who love him and who he loves more than anything else. A team and sporting unit who not only rely on him, but are also on the brink of giving him one of his ultimate goal. what he has failed to see however, was what is directly in front of him. In the quest to have it all he has not only alienated the man he love, but forgotten what are the important things in life.

Luc, while being the supportive partner is fed up to the back teeth of what he considers Justin's total disregard for himself and for the love that he feels for him. When he is challenged beyond anything he has ever had to deal with, he quickly makes a pledge "to live for today" - but in the big scheme of things, it take Justin's co-operation to make it work.

After seeing the men through the last eleven book being the rock and that supportive shelter that students, players, friends and friend of friends have come to expect, it is almost a shock to see the role reversal of Justin and Luc. Luc has had to step up to the plate and become the dominant partner in their relationship - the strong one, the one who not only takes the moans and the groan but also the unexpected. We the readers are treated to a side of Luc that we have never seen before. While being funny, caring and loyal, he is also a very determined partner who can get just as creative with the best of them.

Justin has totally changed, literally before our eyes. Be warned - by page 30 I was an absolute mess - Live For Today is a very emotional read; while I like a happy ending, I was impressed with how Ms. Lynne, not only handles the great looses these men went through, but the wonderful gain in store for them.

It's with great sadness that I say goodbye to the wonderful Campus Craving Series, and it's with joy to know I have these wonderful stories to turn to, when I am looking for that one really good book to snuggle down with.

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Saturday, 15 November 2008

My Heart Cried - Ride em Cowboy - J.P. Bowie

ride em cowboy Earlier this week I had the opportunity to read Ride em Cowboy and it was one of those book you wish wouldn't end.

This week scene that made my heart cried comes from a portion of JP Bowie's - Ride Em Cowboy.

"The next moment he felt Royce’s body slam into him, knocking him flat on his back. Royce sat astride him, his tear filled eyes blazing with anger and hurt.
“That’s right, Royce, hit me if it’ll make you feel better.”
“Parker!” Royce brought his clenched fists down hard on Parker’s chest. “Parker…You said you loved me. Just last night you said that I was yours…no one else’s…yours—and I believed you, Parker. I believed you!” A great wrenching cry was torn from him as he fell over onto his side and lay, crumpled up into a tight ball, his hands over his face while he sobbed his heart out.
Jesus Christ. Parker watched with a sense of horror as the man he loved fell apart in front of his eyes. He’d known this was going to be rough. He’d thought Royce would get mad and call him names, but he hadn’t expected this. Tentatively, he touched Royce’s shoulder.
“Go away, Parker.” Royce’s voice was flat and hollow."

Taken from Ride Em Cowboy - JP Bowie.

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Friday, 14 November 2008

Reckless Seduction - Amanda Young

When nineteen year old Cody walked into his uncle’s gay club – The Casbah, during its annual Halloween party, he wanted only to have fun, see some hot sexy bodies on display and if he was lucky find a boyfriend or two.

The night only gets better for him when he finds himself being rescued by his uncle’s best friend – the man he’s had the hots for, for as long as he could remember.

Dante Santiago, manager of the Casbah, has planned to make this Halloween party a work free party and sets everything in motion to make sure he got his. He had a plan – find someone who catches his eye and take it from there. The plan goes as planned with only a little glitch – but also a glitch that might cost him more than he has to give.

Neither Cody nor Dante is prepared for each others reaction when the masks are off, but will they realize that they have more to gain than lose or will allegiance and obligation cloud the issue at hand?

I have said it before and will say it again – Ms. Young is brilliant. She has managed to condense a wealth of emotion and tension filled turmoil within the short pages that is RECKLESS SEDUCTION.

Cody is like every teenager, at an age where risk is the order of the day and ‘no’ is just a word that’s found in the dictionary – he wants what he wants and at the first opportunity he gets to make Dante sit up and notice him, he jumps at the chance.

Dante has no plan to settle or commit, he likes the carefree lifestyle of not being attached and takes pleasure as and when he makes the time for it. When a scantily dressed young man catches his eyes in the club on Halloween night – he searches high and low until he has the young man in his arms. However all is not smooth sailing as he gets a lot more than he’s bargained for before the night is finished.

This is a fun read, leaving you wishing the best for Cody and his determination to have his man, and praise for Dante who not only realizes a need in himself that only Cody can fill, but also for taking charge of the relationship and showing Cody the strength of the man he has chosen.

Review first published at

Romance Junkies Review: Reckless Seduction - Amanda Young

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Reilly Promise - Christyne Butler

Blurb - Samhain Publishing

She stands for everything he despises. Only, the minute they meet, she becomes everything he desires.
Former US Marine turned private investigator, Reilly Murdock is no stranger to high society. Thanks to his malevolent millionaire stepfather, he turned his back on that elite world years ago. But when a friend calls in a favour he’s honour bound to repay, Reilly finds himself stuck as glorified babysitter to a spoiled heiress with secrets of her own.
Since her father’s sudden death six months ago, Cassandra Van Winter has been trying to conceal her family’s millions of dollars of debt. She can’t afford to let anyone near enough to discover the charade she’s maintaining. At first, the discovery of a multi-million-dollar necklace seemed like the answer to her prayers, but that was before the “accidents” started.
Now, she takes one look at the six feet of muscle her mother’s hired to protect her, and curses her body for coming back to life. As the “accidents” increase and danger comes closer, Reilly gets closer too. Before long it’s not just her life in danger, but her heart.

My Musing:

Cassandra Van Winter has been hiding the family shame since the death of her father – the large debt that he died leaving his daughter and his wife holding. Trying to keep them afloat until a better solution can be found Cassandra works tirelessly in her small antiques shop. As luck would have it she’s found a piece of jewelry that will not only save her business, but also change her family circumstances.
When a spate of seemingly innocent accidents has her mother fearing for her life and calls in re-enforcement, Cassandra ends up with Reilly Murdock.
Reilly Murdock, former US Marine turned private investigator, agrees to a job when his mentor and good friend calls him to help a lady friend of his daughter. When he sees Cassandra the first time, he is so caught up in the beauty of her that he immediately knows his heart is in trouble.
As the accidents increase and Reilly and Cassandra spend more and more time together, the attraction between them become a delicious tension that is very hard to resist – but with more secrets between them, a stalker that seems to be everywhere – can they make ago of trusting each other long enough to have it all?
REILLY’S PROMISE is a classic tale of the damsel in distress and dashing hero to the rescue storyline.
Reilly is a typical male – take charge, his way all the way, and wants to know and be in on every conversation that Cassandra has. After his initial reluctance at accepting the job is banished – a new emotion takes over and it’s all out lust for the woman he is hired to protect.
Cassandra is a feisty young woman who refuses to let a stalker curtail her lifestyle. She is not pleased by her mother’s highhanded decision to hire a bodyguard. However when her accidents are taken into consideration she quickly realize that having Reilly around is a blessing in disguise for more than one reason.
Ms. Butler’s REILLY’S PROMISE is everything you would want in a book, a hero who actually believes in chivalry; a heroine who never listens and is more often than not in the wrong place and a plot that you can sink your teeth into and enjoy to the very end.
A brilliant outing by Ms. Butler, I’m definitely looking forward to more of her work.
Review First Published At
Romance Junkies Review: Reilly Promise - Christyne Butler
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Thursday, 13 November 2008

Review - Phantom Lover - A.J. Llewellyn


The Blurb

Hawaiian hula dancer Bobby Kikawa has deep fantasies about the dark, mysterious, Kimo Wilder, especially after Kimo poses for an erotic painting called Phantom Lover. He plans to seduce Kimo even though Kimo is straight, married and known for his extreme loyalty to his wife.

Alone on a hot night after dance rehearsal on the big island of Hawaii, Bobby manages to persuade Kimo to let him service his hot, neglected, extremely hungry passion.

The two men soon become embroiled in a red-hot fling that threatens not only Kimo’s marriage but Bobby’s sanity when he discovers Kimo is a ‘Keeper of Secrets’ in the Hawaiian culture…a man born of fire and hidden, taboo dark magic the ancient Hawaiians called Loa.




The Review

Bobby Kikawa’s attraction to Hawaii’s most famous hula dancer Kimo Wilder happened long before his friend Johnny displayed a portrait of him in his gallery called Phantom Lover. About to begin training with the man himself, he visits the portrait daily to satisfy not only a yearning to see him before training begins, but to just stand and stare at the beauty of the man.

Kimo Wilder is not only straight but a “Keeper of Secrets” in Hawaiian culture. When he has to train a team of young men and women for his latest stage production, the last thing he expects is to be pleasured by one of the young male dancers. Trying to put distance between them proves futile, and when their obvious chemistry moves from the dance floor to between the sheets, a red hot affair begins.


Very early the next morning, two kahuna came to collect Kimo, demanding that I remain behind. He went mad, saying I was his life partner and he needed me with him.
They were refusing to budge and he started to become unglued. The two kahuna watched my darling have a complete meltdown screaming, “I won’t do it. I won’t go through the fire again.”

Darling, I gave you permission,” I said, trying to appease him.
“The blisters! The blisters!”
“You had the fire blisters?” they asked.
“Yes! Yes!” he shrieked. “Even in my mouth. Here!” He stuck out his tongue, jabbing his finger on it.
“Because of him?”

The two kahuna were agog. “Mebbe mo betta you come too,” they said, looking thoroughly astonished.
We drove

Phantom Lover © A.J .Llewellyn


When the young dancer satisfies a part of Kimo that he did not realize needed the attention, Kimo quickly inserts himself into Bobby’s life. And Bobby loves every minute of it! Things go from one extreme to the next, with propriety rearing its head and interference from friends and family. Are they prepared to sacrifice everything for each other?

Once in a while, after reading dozens of books, I open a book and know before finishing the first chapter it is worth the highest accolade. A.J. Llewellyn’s PHANTOM LOVER is one such book.

PHANTOM LOVER is a mix of Hawaiian history and fantasy with the hottest love scenes I’ve read in a long time. Kimo is a married man, who is not only every woman’s fantasy but every man’s wet dream. While trying to live up to his cultural expectations and maintain the propriety of marriage, he suppresses the need to find his own happiness. When the gods themselves takes the matter out of his hand, he has no choice but to run to the one person who make him whole and cling to him for all he is worth.

Bobby starts out as any typical young man, wanting that special someone to love. But in travelling the path, he ends up with not only a broken heart but also making the wrong choices for the right reason – which as expected, ends badly. Once he becomes involved with Kimo and the realization of what and who Kimo is sinks in, he quickly grows up and embraces all the challenges of a dysfunctional relationship. His strength and the beauty of his personality is one of the highlights of the book.

The pain and pleasure of watching both Kimo and Bobby grow is quite an experience. The emotional highs and lows during their growth is unending and relentless, leaving you with deep regret for the time wasted getting to this stage and clip_image001[4]extreme pleasure at the fact that they have grown and use the lessons learned to recognize their soul mate.

For first time readers and old fans, PHANTOM LOVER is a character driven story. Kimo and Bobby suck you into their world of a thousand emotions and never let you go. Be prepared for a wild ride. A.J. Llewellyn-take a bow! PHANTOM LOVER stands up and roars.




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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Taken By Storm - Marie Rochelle

When Syleena Webster’s best friend invited her home for the school break all that was on their mind was having a whole lot of fun. This was bound not to happen, as meeting her friend brother Storm at the airport put all those plans up in the air, and it only got worse as the day progressed. Before nightfall Syleena would be walking out on her best friend and her brother.

Five Years Later

Syleena has been running for years, trying to hide a secret so shameful she has never told anyone other than her best friend. The last time she ran – a fast walk so to speak, was when she left Storm Hyde’s house, exactly where she now find herself years later trapped into staying on his ranch. Syleena has always known that she compared every man to Storm, her attraction to him has not lessened and with them in close proximity – what will become of her willpower to avoid the storm that is Storm?

Storm Hyde, wealthy local banker is also a local man with a huge chip on his shoulders when it comes to women. Storm has more or less given up on the happily ever after dream. He lives life one day at a time and has no plan to commit to any one woman. Five years earlier he inadvertently caused Syleena to walk out of his door, the opportunity has presented itself for him to have another change with the dark skinned beauty with the soulful brown eyes. Can he however change his attitude towards women before more harm is done – this time?

Marie Rochelle’s TAKEN By STORM is a full length read with a plot that will have you turning the pages as fast as you can to get to the end of this fantastic novel.

Storm Hyde is very much the alpha male, dominantly knowing it all and wants it when he wants it now. After years of isolating himself from the basic emotion of loving someone just for the sake of it, he is not prepared for the knee jerk reaction his heart takes in regards to Syleena. He does everything to make Syleena his but still holds her at arms length from the real him.

Syleena has gone so long trying to outlive her parentage; she is now unwilling to mar any prospect of happiness for herself by even mentioning the facts surrounding her upbringing. When she is hurt beyond anything she has ever imagined, she is very much unwilling to give her heart away for a second time.

If you have not read Ms. Rochelle works before this is a great beginning. For old fans, be prepared for a fantastic journey into Ms. Rochelle’s world, Storm and Syleena are a force to be reckoned with, together and apart.

Review First published at :

Romance Junkies Review - Taken By Storm - Marie Rochelle

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Sunday, 9 November 2008

My Reading Week

I have a whole lot of books to get through this week. After a weeks just lazing about with the odd computer magazine and crossword puzzles aplenty - I am inundated with reads I must catch up on.

Five Wishes - Gay Hendricks

Blurb - As Found on Website

The Gift
An Invitation To You From Gay Hendricks
In my thirties I received the gift of a conversation that changed my life.
At the heart of that conversation was a certain question.
Answering it gave me a life blessed with love, happiness and wealth,
a life in which all my dreams came true.
Now, I want to offer you the same gift,
in hopes you will use its power to create your own fulfilled life.

My Musing:

Not a big fan of self help books or food for thought books....but I have to admit very impressed with the logic behind the need and setting goals for five of your wishes. a must read.

See review at: Update to follow.

Into the Lair” by Maya Banks

Blurb From Samhain Publishing

Falcon Mercenary Group Book 2

It was supposed to be an easy mission. But nobody told her that.

Ian and Braden Thomas return to the U.S. to extract Katie Buchanan, the sister of the teammate who betrayed them. She could very well be the key to taking down the man responsible for turning Ian and Braden into unstable cat shifters. Unfortunately, they’re not the only ones after Katie.

Katie has no intention of going quietly or of offering her trust on a silver platter. She’s got troubles of her own that don’t include two pain-in-the-ass men who claim her dead brother sent them. She’s too busy trying to stay one step ahead of Ricardo de la Cruz, the brother of a man she killed.

As the bodies pile up, Ian and Braden are only sure of one thing: Katie makes them crazy. Something about her calls to their inner predator. They both want her, but she’s made a practice of making bad decisions and trusting the wrong men. And by the time she realizes that she can trust these two warriors, it might just be too late.

My Musing:

A menage, shifter story with all the plus that make up a great Maya Banks story. Second in the series and a stand a lone book if you only get the chance to read this one. Ian , Braden and Katie are more than your average threesome - the men are very demonstrative in and out of the bedroom. She is the unexpected force that no one told them about - but did not regret meeting.

See review at: Update to follow.

The Englor Affair” by J. L. Langley

Blurb From Samhain Publishing

In hiding who he was, Payton found himself…and the man he would grow to love.

After his brother is kidnapped, Prince Payton Townsend masquerades as an Admiral’s assistant in order to track the culprits through the tangled mysteries of the planet Englor. He finds way more than he bargained for in the form of Marine Colonel Simon Hollister.

Simon is no ordinary soldier. He’s heir to Englor and his life is mapped out for him: throne, bride, and eventually an heir. He never expected a dalliance with Payton to blossom into love, or that the organization that taught him to lead would threaten that love—and their lives.

Danger and intrigue abound as they learn more about their shared enemy, and about each other. What they learn could help them rise above to an enduring love—or pull them apart.

My Musing:

Another winner for Ms. Langley. Other than the fact that I was awaiting the release along with quite a bit of her fans. when I saw the cover on Samhain a few weeks ago - that only upped the pace to get this book post haste. Not a book filled with little pockets of stories as her first one was - this was is Payton's and Simon's story alone - and it is brilliant.

See review at: Update to follow.

My Deepest Love -Zack - Marie Rochelle

Blurb From Phaze Publishing

Traci Wells has never thought about dating any of the men from Make You Sweat, her local gym, until he catches her eye - the sexy blue-eyed stranger with the most unbelievable body she has ever laid eyes on. However, Traci promises not to let herself fall for Zack, but that vow is put to the test as the two of them grow closer and closer.

Zack Drace isn't usually the one who approaches women for dates, but when he spots the alluring mocha skinned beauty Traci Wells, that policy goes out the door. He wants to make her his more than anything in the world. He isn't going to allow the opinions of his brothers or her sister to stand in his way.

My Musing:

The queen of hot spicy inter- racial romance is back, and she has blown us away with her two protagonist - Zack and Traci - They are dynamite together. Ms. Rochelle has hit home with this book - filled with family obligation, soul searching and appreciation of the things we take for granted.

See review at: Update to follow.

Closer to You: Lee - Marie Rochelle

Blurb from Phaze Publishing

The ultimate bachelor, Lee Drace never thought there was a woman out there who could stop in his tracks. He only wanted three things out of life: money, power, and more money. He wasn’t going to become attached to any woman who wouldn’t be staying around that long. Besides, he had never met a woman strong enough to stand up to him until…

Cherise Roberts hated that she was attracted to her mouth-watering brother in-law, Lee Drace. He had been nothing but a pain in her side since his brother Zack married her sister, Traci. She tried to stay out of his way as much as possible because she couldn’t let him find out her secret.

She wanted him like CRAZY!!

Will these two be able to overcome each others' tough exteriors to find love?

My Musing:

It's Lee's turn to sort out the headache and heartache that is Cherise Roberts - does he have what it take to face up to a woman who is strong even to mange him? A fun read and a excellent follow up to My Deepest Love.

See review at: Update to follow.

Burn Card - Laura Baumbach

Blurb from Aspen Mountain Press

Take one buff private security owner, Gil Turko, mix in one hunky police criminalist Cody Baxter, and you've started off on a hot m/m adventure. Things get wilder, though, when Cody is kidnapped and no one is 100% sure why. Cody struggles to save himself and his kidnapper before Gil finds him--and rescue becomes revenge. This story is high adrenaline all the way, and you won't want to miss the conclusion!

My Musing:

My first Laura Baumbach book and certainly wont be my last. I like her characters, she bring a freshness to her men with her straight to the point writing. I think I had better stock up on a few more of her work....great between the sheets read.

See review at: Update to follow.

Tangled Web - Terry O'Reilly

Blurb From Aspen Mountain Press

Fifty-eight year old, reticent banker, Kevin Baker works out regularly hoping to spot the man he's become infatuated with, hunky Jake Whittiker. Kevin and Jake both have secrets. Secrets capable of destroying even a remote chance at happiness for the two men as they attempt to escape the meaninglessness of one night stands and brief encounters. Passion and testosterone, lies and omissions, tangled webs brought about by deceit. Untangling the myriad threads and revealing the truth is their only chance, but what will it truly cost?

My Musing:

Not for the faint of heart. Deals with a lot of issues that are never romanticised. A short story but good. The issues dealt with and writing style made this a big winner in my book.

See review at: Update to follow.

Delighting Miss Daisy [Wayback Texas Series] - Abbey MacInnis

Blurb From The Wild Rose Press

When Sam Howard, CEO of Sam’s Smooth Sliding Ale, arrives in Wayback to advertise his product for the rodeo, bakery entrepreneur Daisy Porter goes on a crusade to tear down every poster in town. Can Daisy look past the businessman to the compassionate man underneath, or has the lock to her heart finally rusted shut? Sam is a patient man, who doesn’t force his way through the walls she’s placed up to guard her heart. With the threat of someone from her past shadowing her, can Daisy reclaim her self-confidence and strength to find happiness with Sam?

My Musing:

Who can't love a man who knows when he's wrong and does the right thing. All of us that is, except for the feisty poster crusader in Wayback, Texas

See review at: Update to follow.

Return of the Prodigal Daughter [Wayback Texas Series]-Marguerite Arotin

Blurb From The Wild Rose Press

Famous prodigal daughter Sherrie Porter comes home to Wayback after a wildfire destroys her Malibu home and ruins her super model stardom. While she longs for the comfort of family and friends, there’s one person she wants to avoid— her ex-boyfriend Jake Serrano. Jake thought he did the right thing by leaving her to her modelling career, but when they meet again, he can’t deny the flames that never died. Can they rekindle their passion or will stubborn pride tear them apart?

My Musing:

We've all had our share of tragedy at one time or the other, as is beautifully describe in this sweet story of family united and love rekindled stronger than ever.

See review at: Update to follow.

Re-ride At The Rodeo [Wayback Texas Series] - Anne Carrole

Blurb From The Wild Rose Press

Saddle bronc rider Clay Tanner is looking for a good time and the tempting little blonde who’s working the beer concession at the rodeo looks like she could use one—except she turns him down. Feeling like he’s been bucked off his bronc before the eight second buzzer, Clay’s betting he can score if she’ll give him a re-ride. But qualifying may call for more than he’s prepared to give.

Dusty Morgan’s nonplussed when hard-bodied cowboy Clay Tanner hits on her. She doesn’t exactly have the kind of figure that attracts Texas cowboys. Besides, even though Clay’s deep timbred voice sends tingles clear to her toes, he’s an undependable rough stock rider and a player to boot. Though he may be what she desires, Dusty knows from experience he isn’t what she needs—or is he?

My Musing

I am becoming a fan of the Wayback series - The only draw back is that they seem to be coming out faster than I can read them. A great read this was. Protagonists are great and good old western charm runs rampant through these pages.

See review at: Update to follow.

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Saturday, 8 November 2008

My Heart Cried - Phantom Lover - A.J. Llewellyn



  I was recommended to a new author recently, however a big fan of sticking with the tried and proven - I dragged my foot on reading this book. Big mistake on my part, The book was fantasy, reality and an absolute pleasure to read.

The book is Phantom Lover and  the author A.J. Llewellyn is now on my must list. A brilliant story teller.

In saying all of the above my section of passage this week that made My Heart Cried is below.

See full review here 


Very early the next morning, two kahuna came to collect Kimo, demanding that I remain behind. He went mad, saying I was his life partner and he needed me with him.

They were refusing to budge and he started to become unglued. The two kahuna watched my darling have a complete meltdown screaming, “I won’t do it. I won’t go through the fire again.”

Darling, I gave you permission,” I said, trying to appease him.
“The blisters! The blisters!”
“You had the fire blisters?” they asked.
“Yes! Yes!” he shrieked. “Even in my mouth. Here!” He stuck out his tongue, jabbing his finger on it.
“Because of him?”

The two kahuna were agog. “Mebbe mo betta you come too,” they said, looking thoroughly astonished.
We drove

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