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No Longer His - Carol Lynne

Kelly Mullins has come to San Diego for a rare visit with her husband and two kids to see his family. She is trying to make sure everything goes perfect, as her life is not the fairy tale that she pretends it is. Her husband’s short temper is unpredictable at the best of times and at his worst it is something she only just mange to live with.

When she meets Sam during the visit, the attraction is instantaneous. Sam has lusted after Kelly from the moment he saw her photo in her brother-in-law’s office. When he finally meets her in person she takes his breathe away. Although she feels the attraction she immediately lets him know that she is married and cannot cross that line.

Kelly finds herself not only thinking about life without her husband and a different father for her kids – after all her husband has never lifted a finger against her girls.

When faith takes the matter out of her hands she must decide if she is prepared to accept that there is life after all she has been through, and is Sam still waiting after all this time.

With every book I read by Carol Lynne, I am constantly amazed at the depth of her characters, the level of emotions she draws with her stories and fact that she keeps us hanging on wanting and waiting for more.

Kelly’s story is heart breaking, she has been through so much and her future prospect looks dim – that is until she meets Sam and realizes that there is another life that she could have, if she wants it badly enough.

When she is literally thrust into a situation that Sam not only deals with, but becomes that shoulder to cry on and a rock she can lean on. They are willing to risk everything to make a life for themselves after the heartache.

NO LONGER HIS, is not only a book of emotional and physical trauma, but also of hope and forgiveness. An absolutely brilliant read.

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Romance Junkies Review - No Longer His - Carol Lynne 

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