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Excerpt – The Courtland Chronicles - Triad – Cat Grant





From the Desk of CAT GRANT

This is the opening scene of my new Courtland Chronicles book, Triad. I just started it this week! Hope you all enjoy it. - Best, Cat


Eric Courtland poured his husband and his wife ice-cold flutes of Veuve Cliquot, then raised his own for a toast. "A decade together, with every year happier than the last. Here's to ten more, and beyond."

"Hear, hear," Nick and Ally both murmured, draining their glasses before tugging Eric down to lie between them on the plum silk duvet embroidered with the emblem of the Plaza-Athénée Hotel. They'd just returned from a celebratory five-star feast downstairs in the hotel's luxurious dining room, and now, wrapped in plush terrycloth robes, they curled up together, basking in contentment. New rings glittered on their left hands, elegant platinum bands sporting a flawless two-carat diamond for each year of their union. Eric had presented them to Nick and Ally that afternoon at the Paris registry office, when they had become legally husband, husband and wife, on the same date he and Ally had tied the knot in New York eleven years ago. The European Union had legalized gay and multiple-partner marriage ten months earlier, but to Eric, it had seemed only apropos to celebrate an existing anniversary while at the same time creating a new one.

So here they lay, on the same king-sized bed in the same lavish art-deco presidential suite where he and Ally had spent their first honeymoon. At last Eric pressed soft kisses to both his spouses' foreheads and remarked, "I can't remember the last time I've experienced such peace and quiet. Is everything all right?"

Ally favored him with a drowsy smile. There were tiny, crinkly laugh lines around her eyes now, and Eric cherished each and every one of them. Had they still been living in the States, she probably would've had them botoxed out of existence, but fortunately, European women didn't share their American counterparts' fear of natural aging. She rarely wore makeup anymore, but she hardly needed it; her skin and pale blond hair glowed with health from ten years of living in the Tuscan countryside. Eric didn't care if she never put on lipstick or blush again. To him, she looked beautiful exactly the way she was—all five feet and three inches of her. "I'm enjoying my alone time with my two favorite men. Anything wrong with that?"

"And I think I'm still a little stunned," Nick replied, propping himself up on one elbow, running his other hand through his gorgeous, unruly curls, flecked with new gray at the temples. He'd turned forty-five a couple of months earlier, but, thanks to the Olympic-sized pool and private gym they'd installed at their villa outside Florence, he'd managed to remain fit. Granted, he wasn't a twenty-year-old football player anymore, but the years had been exceptionally kind to him, slowly chipping away at his former lush male beauty to reveal the calmness, integrity and inner strength that lay beneath. Nick was the rock of their relationship, the one who held Eric steady when doubts and fears assailed him. "We've all wanted this for so long. Hard to believe it's finally happened."

"I've considered all three of us married for the past decade," Eric said. "The ceremony was a mere formality."

"I know, but…now I can all myself Nick Thompson-Courtland, and no one can say it's not true."

"No one in Europe, anyway," Ally interjected a touch bitterly.

Eric stretched, rolling the stiffness out of his neck while scooting up on his fluffy pile of pillows. "The US will come around eventually. Half the states have already legalized gay civil unions. Once the Supreme Court rules on that bisexual rights case in a few months, the question of multiple-partner marriage will be moot."

"I hope you're right," Nick murmured. "It'd be nice to be able to go home and visit my mom this Christmas as a legally married man."

"Speaking of which…" Ally purred with a grin, "Isn't it high time we consummated this marriage?"

"I couldn't agree more," Eric replied, dropping his hands to the belt of his robe, but two other pairs of hands beat him to it, quickly stripping him, then themselves, bare of the thick terrycloth. Fingertips swept over his skin, stroking softly, followed by warm, wet kisses from two beloved mouths. Eric let his eyes drift shut, savoring the ticklish sensation of one tongue swirling tiny, playful circles around his navel while another moved downward, then came the unmistakable feel of Ally's teasing lips nibbling at the crown of his cock. Eric let his legs fall open, hoping Nick would take the hint—and as usual, he did, sliding down between his new husband's thighs to lave his balls, sucking one, then the other, all the way into the warm, wet heaven of his mouth.

They took their time torturing him, bringing Eric to the brink of orgasm time and again before easing off, giggling at his frustrated cries and moans, obviously enjoying every delicious, excruciating moment of it. At last, when he knew he was mere seconds from spilling into Ally's mouth, she gripped him hard at the base of his cock and lifted her head, licking his pre-come off her lips as if it were the world's finest wine and she couldn't bear to waste a drop.

"I think the bride's ready to be entertained now," she said, rolling onto her back, fingers sliding between her own thighs, revealing how moist their foreplay had made her. "This is my wedding night, too, remember?"

Nick bit his lip, barely stifling a groan, but Eric was too far gone to show such restraint. All he could do was stare at his own cock, now purplish-red with arousal, waving in the air like an unadorned flagpole. "Y-You bitch. You could at least give me a little relief first."

"Wouldn't want the evening to end too quickly. Besides, you know this is my favorite part." She grinned. "C'mon, boys…your wife wants a show."

"You heard the lady," Nick growled, swooping down to capture Eric's lips in a brain-melting kiss. Fortunately, he knew better than put his huge paws on Eric's cock, or it would've been all over. After a couple of minutes with no direct stimulation, his erection subsided a bit, only to rise again when Nick rolled on top of him, his own thick, meaty cock now standing at attention, painting sticky streaks across Eric's torso.

Eric squirmed, moving his hips, desperate for release, but when Nick's hands closed over his wrists and one muscular thigh slid in between both of Eric's, pinning him to the mattress, Eric heaved a grateful sigh and gave himself over to it. Nick didn't take the dominant role too often, although he knew Eric loved it when he did. There was nothing he enjoyed more than lying beneath Nick's powerful body while his lover fucked him into oblivion. Many's the time Eric had shown up for the monthly board meeting at Courtland Industries' corporate headquarters in Rome sporting a grin that quickly became the office's number one topic of gossip.

But tonight he was apparently in for a ride of another sort. Lining their cocks up beside each other, Nick took them both in one hand and began stroking hard, while at the same time licking and biting Eric's throat. It was like being attacked by a porno-movie version of Dracula. A chortle bubbled to Eric's lips, until Nick's sea-green eyes locked on his, deep and intense. His laughter quickly fizzled.

Nick kissed him deeply, raping Eric's mouth with his tongue, gripping and stroking him harder, until he couldn't hold on a second longer. Letting go with a ragged cry, he spurted warm ribbons all over Nick's hand and his own belly. Then Nick sat back on his heels, jerking himself to an explosive climax before collapsing in a spent, sated heap at Eric's side.

For a minute, Ally looked as if she was about to burst out in applause, but she settled for a delighted grin instead. "That was quite a performance. You're both panting like you've just run a marathon."

"Th-that was my cardio for the whole week," Nick puffed, sweeping a handful of damp curls off his forehead.

"Make that two weeks for me." Eric reached for the box of tissues on the bedside table and quickly cleaned himself and Nick up, then slumped back on his pillows, dragging in deep, cleansing breaths. Several years ago, before the heart attack that had helped drive the last nail in his senatorial career's coffin, such strenuous sexual activity would've left him dizzy and on the verge of fainting. But according to his last medical checkup, his heart was stronger now than it had been since his twenties. Apparently a decade of daily gym workouts and Luciana's healthy home-cooked cuisine was paying off in spades.

Once his and Nick's pulses had returned to normal, they favored Ally with twin predatory grins. "On your back, wife," Eric growled, both of them swarming over her while she dissolved in giggles, "and prepare to be ravished."

They kissed, bit, licked and sucked every last millimeter of Ally's exposed skin until her laughter faded into broken moans and she melted into a puddle of arousal, arching her back and clutching at both of them, whimpering if their hands and mouths left her for even a split-second. At last they deigned to show some mercy, and give her what they knew she wanted.

Parting her thighs wide, they lifted her up and slid a pillow under her hips to grant them both a better angle of access. Then they fell to their respective tasks with abandon, worshipping  her like a pair of horny altar boys, Nick diddling and sucking her clit while Eric fucked her with his fingers and tongue. She came within seconds—and then again, and again, until her cries of released turned into hoarse, husky sobs, begging for mercy.

She lay cradled between them for several long minutes until her eyes finally opened, and she flashed them both the world's dreamiest, well-fucked smile. "Anybody up for round two?"

Eric's glance flicked to Nick, then to Ally, then they all burst out laughing. "We've got all weekend," he pointed out. "Don't you think we should pace ourselves?"

"Where's the fun in that?" Nick interjected, leaning in to kiss Ally, and then Eric, in turn. Eric could still taste his own essence mingled with Ally's on his lover's lips.

No, scratch that—his husband's lips.

"My husband," Eric whispered, kissing Nick again, softly and deeply, winding his fingers in Nick's curls, as if he'd dissolve like morning fog if Eric ever let go.

"Hey." Nick drew back at last, clasping Eric's hand in both his own. Their rings glinted in the pale city light streaking through their suite's wispy white curtains. "You don't need to hold on so tight. I'm not going anywhere."

"I-I know, but… I still can't believe we actually got here."

"I can," Ally said softly.

Well, that was no surprise. Ally had always been the most optimistic of the three of them. She was the one who lifted their spirits, made them all laugh when the going got bleak. It was the reason he and Nick loved her so much.

"My husband," Eric repeated, lying back down next to Ally, then reaching across to clasp Nick's hand. "My wife."

They were a unit—inseparable, indivisible. And, Eric vowed silently as they slipped into an exhausted, blissful doze, he'd do everything in his power to protect them and keep them safe.

Triad © Cat Grant

The above excerpt from TRIAD is used with the permission of the author

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