Friday, 24 October 2008

Bent - Sean Michaels

bent When Marcus took a simple stroll into a book shop, little did he know that the first annoying, irritating and absolutely rudest man that he would meet that day – would make him want to hold him and not let go.

Marcus a leather worker by trade and heavily into the BDSM lifestyle is comfortable in his skin. He knows what he wants, when he wants it and how to go about getting it. When he meets jittery Jim at his local book shop he is not only caught up in the whole essence of the man, but also the need to claim this man as his own.

An ex-professor, Jim, has not had an easily life these past few years. Accused of a crime he did not commit, he is still paying for it. Trying to compensate, he hides away and brings the worst of his personality out to play when he’s out in public. When he meets the most domineering man who tells him what he thinks he want, and show him what he knows he needs, with enough steel in his voice to have him bending to his wishes, he wonders if he’s just met his match.

Can two men wanting so much, one denying it and the other determine to give the other what he wants; find a way to be together without killing each other first?

Sean Michaels is a master at writing BDSM scenes. Jim and his master Marcus are two of his best creation to date. Jim has been hurt, trampled on and disillusioned by all that he believed in and those who he held dear, so much so, to have loss all faith in his own judgment and literally erode his confidence. When Marcus comes along brimming with confidence and seems to know it all – he realizes that there is another way, another option to being downtrodden and taking the easy way out.

The relationship is not without it’s up and down, as Jim is introduced into the BDSM lifestyle and although he protest that it’s not right for a grown man to be spanked and follow blindly he is secretly thrilled to have is master control him.

BENT is a wonderful collection to any true fan of Sean Michaels work, for first timers – be warned this will definitely not be your last Sean Michaels book.


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Romance Junkies Review: Bent - Sean Michaels

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