Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Lord and Master 2: Taking Work Home: Jules Jones

Stephen suffers from severe mood swings and is sometimes very unsure of his own judgment. Mark is significantly younger than Stephen and while compatible professionally, he is mature enough to know that they both need time to adjust to each other before they make the ultimate commitment of living together and marriage.

If all that was not enough for any one couple, they are also faced with the more pressing and immediate matter of Stephens’s decision in regard to his money and his company. Stephen’s family all have an opinion about their relationship, and moreover they all have expectations in regard to Stephen’s assets.

Jules Jones has filled in the blanks for us with TAKING WORK HOME. The Lord and Master first outing was an intense and exciting read, and TAKING WORK HOME shows the strength and determination of the two men when faced with problems closer to home. The united front they present to both families is a testament to how far they have come since the days of their office romance.

A fantastic yaoi type novel reflecting a slice of everyday life with all its trials and tribulations including family interference.

TAKING WORK HOME is best read as a part of the series, and is a most highly recommend read.

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