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[The Double B] - To Tame A Cowgirl: Sara - Roni Adams

The Blurb

There has never been a hint of romance between long time buddies, Sara Sampson and Buck Weston--at least not as far as Sara knows. Buck, on the other hand, has wrestled with his strong feelings for her for a while now. Only his fear of losing their precious friendship makes him keep his heart's desire locked deep inside the relaxed, carefree exterior.

When Sara's father dies and stipulates in his will that she must marry Buck's older brother, Cord, or lose her life's goal--controlling interest of the Cattle Enterprise that is the Double B--Buck's left with two choice: risk his heart and best friend by telling Sarah how he feels or stand by and watch the love of his life marry his brother in order to secure what she has worked so hard to earn.

Will Sara choose to marry for love of the land or will she wake up in time to realize the one man who's always had her back, also has her heart?




The Review

Fans of Roni Adams are definitely in for a treat in the first book of this series. We are introduced to the Double D Ranch with two set of siblings who have grown up together and if not best of friend, have always gotten along together.

This first book however centre’s around Buck and Sara, life long friends and working partners on the Double D.

Buck’s Weston – One of four boys on the Double D Ranch, he works the ranch that has always been in the family, but doesn’t love the land like his father or older brother Cord does. Buck has a deep yearning for Sara, but doesn’t know how to tell her or when to tell her. After a midnight dare of a kiss, emotions spills over and things are never the same again between the two friends

Sara Sampson - Has a deep love for the land and lives for the ranch. Her lifelong dream is ownership of the other half of the Double D Ranch. She cherishes her friendship with Buck and never feels out of place just being one of the guys. All her first has been with Buck and her idea of a great night is going to the “LoneStar Bar and Grill” for a night out with her pal Buck.

When Sara father dies, and leave a codicil in his will regarding the ownership of the Double D ranch, all hell literally break loose.

On a weekend of business, a near death experience opens up Sara to take a friends advice to reach out and grabs the “Buck by the horn” (so to speak). But can one weekend resolve all the issues between these two, or will it only widen the rift that seems to be developing between them.

If you have never read Roni Adam, be prepared to be knee deep in steam, Buck and Sara are dynamite together. Although the second son of the family; Buck is an extremely strong personality in this book. He goes about things with an easy confidence and albeit the fact that he quack in his boots when it comes to his feelings for Sara; he is absolutely the kind of guy any woman would want to roll over and meet in the morning.

Sara has suddenly find herself in a situation that she has to make the best of, she has just had her dreams and her hope ripped out from under her by the reading of her father will. She doesn’t know how to give up as the knowledge that she would one day by part owner of the ranch was always a given. When she decides to have to have a weekend just for her, its crazy and absolutely funny how inventive a woman on a mission can be.

Love scenes between Buck and Sara are in your face and dizzyingly hot. Sara is confident in her sexuality and there were some truly funny moment when I thought Buck would definitely meet is maker if satisfaction was not swift in've brighten my horizen badge

The story line is great and Ms Adam has given us just the right amount of mystic and suspense to ensure we are salivating for more. At times there seems to be too many characters to keep track of, but Ms Adams pulls this off beautifully and of course this only enhance the anticipation of what will eventually happen with each personality in future books. I am so very much looking forward to the next instalment in this series.

Well done to Roni Adams.


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