Wednesday, 9 July 2008


When genocide leaves Teage and Cade Johnson as the last of their race, they hide in plain sight, by becoming owners and operators of the sex club “Oasis”. With their entire existence based on forged documents and unknown family history, they keep their heads down as with the evolution of the species, there are now nightwalkers and night feeders living alongside humans.

Teage, a loner knows what is at stake if their secret becomes common knowledge, so he never gets involved and never lets anyone close to him. He allows no association with the guys he picks up at the club. Then a one timer becomes a weekly thing, and the lines between what he needs to do and what he feels becomes blurred.
Kyle Drake, a young man going through his own emotional issues, is immediately attracted to Teage. Once a week he waits on the fringes for his few minutes of Teage’s time. All too soon he realizes that this is all he will ever get from him.

When a brutal murder by a rouge nightwalker happens, with eerily similar circumstances to an incident a few months earlier; Teage realizes there are forces at work that not only affect their livelihood, but their very existence. An old friend arrives unexpectedly, and he finds himself under intense scrutiny that leaves a cloud of deep mistrust hanging over is head.

When Kyle goes missing, things move faster than anyone anticipates, Can Teage find him in time, and can he deal with his emerging feelings and recognize them for what they are before it’s too late?

A well written paranormal story by Ms. Young, I thought the introduction of the origin of the races was really well thought out. SECRETS AND LIES has a strong story line with a new twist on the vampire genre.

Ms. Young has always been able to pull at the heartstrings with her very emotional scenes, and with SECRETS AND LIES she has not failed. The detailed descriptions of the characters are such that they literally jump right out you; I liked Teage quite a bit, he’s one of those guys you would not hesitate to dump prince charming for. Kyle is quite endearing as well. Although willing to wait on the fringes for Teage, he is strong enough to know when to expect more.

The love scenes are hot and very erotic. Teage and Kyle make for two unforgettable partners.
This is without a doubt one of Ms Young’s best works and you won’t be able to walk away from this book without a healthy respect for her style of writing.

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