Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Querida – Jamie Craig


Maddy, a widow, career woman, and mother to a teenage son, is at a good place in her life. Widowed for almost a decade, she has dedicated her life to raising her son and building up her career. When her son’s friend flirts with her at her last Christmas party, she find herself quite flattered, but quickly shoots him down.  Her one and only problem at the moment, is wondering whether she will survive her son’s post-teenage years. 
Tonio has always had the hots for his best friend’s mother, since his first visit to their house during Christmas break without his parents. He finds his friend’s mom sexy and admires her for all that she has achieved. Although she put an end to his light flirting, he has never forgotten her and always wondered if he will get another chance with her.
A perfect opportunity comes about when he is asked to drive her to a wedding in San Francisco. On the journey he turns on the charm and makes Maddy aware of his attraction and his intention to seduce her over the weekend.
This is my first m/f book by Jamie Craig and I have to admit, QUERIDA was really good. Classic older woman younger man scenario, but ohhhh the heat these two generate burns the pages.
Maddy is a confident woman who knows her own strengths and when to use them. She has no problem matching Tonio’s Italian charm, and is cautious enough for both of them. Although fun loving and adventurous; Tonio has a level of maturity and realizes the issues that will affect their relationship.
Jamie Craig brings a wealth of emotion to this book - passion, honesty and a few heartbreaking moments that will leave you sighing.
I’m really looking forward to more from Jamie Craig;

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