Monday, 21 July 2008

Last Rose of Summer: Forgotten Alliance Margo - Hoornstra


After two decades of marriage you would imagine you are home free with your marriage, however sometimes life throws us curve ball….

We meet Greg and Sarah at a point in their lives when they take each other and their relationship for granted. The issues that they never discuss, the jokes instead of plain speaking and the level of priority that they never give to each other and their marriage; all make up the backdrop for this short story. Something had to give and it did. Sarah not only learns of Greg's infidelity, but from a most unexpected source.

The bottom line - Who can say how hard it is to stay strong to their conviction of “what is acceptable in a marriage,” when the reality is actually upon them. Can you be strong enough to realize what you have and be able to forgive?

The characters are believable and the story line is an age old one. However, I was very impressed with the level of emotional investment into these characters by Ms Hoornstra.

The story is short and at the end wished I could have stayed with Greg and Sarah a little longer. I defy even the hardest of heart to come away from this story with anything but respect for Ms. Hoornstra’s style of writing and praise for the strength of her characters. 

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