Friday, 25 July 2008

Dragon Knight Book 5: FireDrake Bianca D’Arc


Oh my God, I can’t believe I waited all this time to read FIREDRAKE! The fifth in Bianca D’Arc DRAGON KNIGHT series has surpassed all my expectations.

Drake, master spy and bard of the five lands return to Draconia after fifteen years. A plot is afoot concerning the royal house and whilst he trusts no one else to relay this most vital information. He returns, filled with trepidation about what to expect from his family. Fifteen years ago he left behind a father who never had a word of praise, while demanding the highest standard from him, and a dragoness who will have no other as her dragon knight. 

Mace, has worked hard to be a dragon knight, and has recently met the girl that he feels could be his life partner. The one thing he hasn’t counted on is the return of his childhood nemesis. He had always been aware of the pressure placed on Drake by his father, but that has never stopped him from being envious of Drake’s charm with the ladies. Where Mace had to put in extra effort to get through training, it all seemed to come easy for Drake.

Krysta, spymaster and one of the few Jinn guardswomen, is new to Draconia and takes everyday as it comes. She meets Mace and Drake and is immediately attracted to different aspects of their personalities. When the truth of Draconian way of life finally sinks in, can she choose a life that is totally foreign to all that she was brought up to believe? Or will she realize that Drake and Mace need her as much as she needs them?

Lady Jenet, a heart broken dragoness still waits patiently her one and only choice of Dragon Knight partner. Now that Drake has returned will she finally get her wish?

When one of the young princes is kidnapped the trio decides to make the perilous journey. Throw two meddlesome dragons in the mix and there becomes lot more at stake than they realize.

FIREDRAKE brings together probably the deadliest trio of all Ms. D’Arc books so far. As well as being valued member of the Draconian and Jinn society, Krysta, Drake, and Mace have honed there skills in their chosen profession to near perfection and are at the top of their game.

Drake, who can be remembered from PRINCE OF SPIES, still lacks none of the charm that makes him an instant attraction with the ladies. He has, however, matured in his time away from the expectation of his father, to become his own man. He is still unsure of how to deal with a heart broken dragon, but in trying there are some heart stopping moments.

Krysta is every man’s reality and fantasy rolled into one. She has the knowledge and the experience to match Drake’s shadowy world, confidence to shore up her men when they need her and fun loving enough to bring Mace out to play.

Mace is that rare being you are lucky to meet at least once in your life. He is unselfish, never expect more from other than he expects from himself, and quickly realizes is worth to this dynamic team.

I particularly like the fact that more of the history of draconian way of life was divulged in this book. The presence of the dragons is felt all through the book, and whilst they are loyal and can be mischievous at times; they carry a great burden that is just being realized.

For fans of Ms. D’Arc, the twist and turn she take with FIREDRAKE are pleasant surprises, and only helps to builds up anticipation for the next book in the series.  True lovers of dragon fiction will definitely enjoy this read, for first time readers this will not be your last D’Arc book.

This book is best read in sequence.

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