Friday, 18 July 2008

Dare To Love - Jaci Burton

Lucy Fairchild of the San Francisco Fairchilds has always done what is expected of her. She follows her father into the family law firm, a career which is so far removed from what she really wants to do. When her father goes out and declares that he has found his choice of husband for her, she realizes she has to put a stop to her father’s controlling ways, and quickly. But does she have the strength to choose for herself and make her own destiny?

Jake Dalton, an up and coming contractor, has no time for romance and for the last ten years has poured all his energy and finances into his business. When his workmen indulge in a little cat calling things get a little heated. He steps in to try and smooth ruffled feathers, only to find himself throwing out a dare to the recipient of those cat calls.

Dare she accepts and dare he follow through?

Dare to Love is a fascinating read. The two main characters, although coming from different backgrounds, face very similar challenges. Both are trying to live up to their respective father’s expectations, whilst trying to make it in their choice of careers.

Lucy, who has never wanted for anything, is so much in tune with everyday realities and has such a zest for life. Jake, who has had to struggle to achieve everything has surpassed the critics and their idea of how a construction worker should act, tucks himself away and never lets anyone near, except a selected few.

The interaction between Lucy and her father is well written, as although not agreeing with his particular way of doing things, she will drop everything and rush to him, when he needs her.

Jake has had to grow and accept not only the difference in their lifestyle and financial outlook, but also to learn to open himself to someone else and accept the love that so many people have for him.

Jaci Burton’s latest offering is certainly one for your book shelf.

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