Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Tycoon Club Book 1: Dangerous Bet: Troy’s Revenge


When Headley Rose returned home in order to help her father, the last thing she expected was to not only be in debt to Troy Christian, but also to have him throw an ultimatum out in regard to the repayment of the loan - “if you lose and can’t pay the amount in full back, you’ve got to marry me.”

Troy, feeling that all the cards are in his favour, goes about trying to get the one woman he has always been in love with - by fair or foul means. When he realizes that Headley is just as ingenuous at trying to sort out her fathers finances, the two meet head on with some explosive results.

Dangerous Bet: Troy’s Revenge is the first book in the Tycoon Club series, and in true Marie Rochelle style we get the overbearing, possessive alpha male that is Troy Christian.  He tries to get back at Headley’s father but also make up for lost time by daring her into a situation that can only see him as the victor. 

Headley on the other hand, is strong determined and very inventive. Although she has always had a thing for Troy, she’s always felt as if she was not in his league. When she is literally caught between a rock and Troy she has to make a decision, but is it the one she want or the one she is forced to make.

Dangerous Bet: Troy’s Revenge is an absolutely brilliant read, with some fantastic love scenes that will have you reaching for the fan a time or two. A great first book to start the series off, and from the subtle hints of things to come, future books sound just as the exciting. 

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Friday, 25 July 2008

Dragon Knight Book 5: FireDrake Bianca D’Arc


Oh my God, I can’t believe I waited all this time to read FIREDRAKE! The fifth in Bianca D’Arc DRAGON KNIGHT series has surpassed all my expectations.

Drake, master spy and bard of the five lands return to Draconia after fifteen years. A plot is afoot concerning the royal house and whilst he trusts no one else to relay this most vital information. He returns, filled with trepidation about what to expect from his family. Fifteen years ago he left behind a father who never had a word of praise, while demanding the highest standard from him, and a dragoness who will have no other as her dragon knight. 

Mace, has worked hard to be a dragon knight, and has recently met the girl that he feels could be his life partner. The one thing he hasn’t counted on is the return of his childhood nemesis. He had always been aware of the pressure placed on Drake by his father, but that has never stopped him from being envious of Drake’s charm with the ladies. Where Mace had to put in extra effort to get through training, it all seemed to come easy for Drake.

Krysta, spymaster and one of the few Jinn guardswomen, is new to Draconia and takes everyday as it comes. She meets Mace and Drake and is immediately attracted to different aspects of their personalities. When the truth of Draconian way of life finally sinks in, can she choose a life that is totally foreign to all that she was brought up to believe? Or will she realize that Drake and Mace need her as much as she needs them?

Lady Jenet, a heart broken dragoness still waits patiently her one and only choice of Dragon Knight partner. Now that Drake has returned will she finally get her wish?

When one of the young princes is kidnapped the trio decides to make the perilous journey. Throw two meddlesome dragons in the mix and there becomes lot more at stake than they realize.

FIREDRAKE brings together probably the deadliest trio of all Ms. D’Arc books so far. As well as being valued member of the Draconian and Jinn society, Krysta, Drake, and Mace have honed there skills in their chosen profession to near perfection and are at the top of their game.

Drake, who can be remembered from PRINCE OF SPIES, still lacks none of the charm that makes him an instant attraction with the ladies. He has, however, matured in his time away from the expectation of his father, to become his own man. He is still unsure of how to deal with a heart broken dragon, but in trying there are some heart stopping moments.

Krysta is every man’s reality and fantasy rolled into one. She has the knowledge and the experience to match Drake’s shadowy world, confidence to shore up her men when they need her and fun loving enough to bring Mace out to play.

Mace is that rare being you are lucky to meet at least once in your life. He is unselfish, never expect more from other than he expects from himself, and quickly realizes is worth to this dynamic team.

I particularly like the fact that more of the history of draconian way of life was divulged in this book. The presence of the dragons is felt all through the book, and whilst they are loyal and can be mischievous at times; they carry a great burden that is just being realized.

For fans of Ms. D’Arc, the twist and turn she take with FIREDRAKE are pleasant surprises, and only helps to builds up anticipation for the next book in the series.  True lovers of dragon fiction will definitely enjoy this read, for first time readers this will not be your last D’Arc book.

This book is best read in sequence.

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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Watching You - Lynette Rees


Evil is watching you, Evil is coming for you….

Angeline Hamilton and Sebastian are thrown together after the loss of her father, along with her inheritance and her home. Through a case of mistaken identity, she ends up being employed by him.

Sebastian Tremaine, now the owner of her home, and dealing with his own emotional and physical loss, steps in as Angeline’s guardian angel. He soon realizes all is not what it seems. 

Unbeknown to Angeline, evil and death follow her. Sebastian is prepared to do whatever it takes to keep Angelina alive, but can he secure her love and save her? For she is earmarked as the “NEXT” on the killer’s list.

Watching You is a heart wrenching romance filled with passion, forgiveness, intrigue and murder. Ms. Rees has penned a fantastic story about two wounded people who have to learn to deal with life’s changes and move on. I read Watching You in one sitting and really loved the main characters. Angeline has just enough naiveté to match Sebastian’s well travelled, expect the worst attitude. The levels of involvement of the supporting characters are well played. Not only do they bring brief glimpses of levity, but open up the possibility for future stories in a potential series.

These amazing characters also prove that your second chance at love might just be your first. I really enjoyed this book.

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Monday, 21 July 2008

Last Rose of Summer: Forgotten Alliance Margo - Hoornstra


After two decades of marriage you would imagine you are home free with your marriage, however sometimes life throws us curve ball….

We meet Greg and Sarah at a point in their lives when they take each other and their relationship for granted. The issues that they never discuss, the jokes instead of plain speaking and the level of priority that they never give to each other and their marriage; all make up the backdrop for this short story. Something had to give and it did. Sarah not only learns of Greg's infidelity, but from a most unexpected source.

The bottom line - Who can say how hard it is to stay strong to their conviction of “what is acceptable in a marriage,” when the reality is actually upon them. Can you be strong enough to realize what you have and be able to forgive?

The characters are believable and the story line is an age old one. However, I was very impressed with the level of emotional investment into these characters by Ms Hoornstra.

The story is short and at the end wished I could have stayed with Greg and Sarah a little longer. I defy even the hardest of heart to come away from this story with anything but respect for Ms. Hoornstra’s style of writing and praise for the strength of her characters. 

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Friday, 18 July 2008

Dare To Love - Jaci Burton

Lucy Fairchild of the San Francisco Fairchilds has always done what is expected of her. She follows her father into the family law firm, a career which is so far removed from what she really wants to do. When her father goes out and declares that he has found his choice of husband for her, she realizes she has to put a stop to her father’s controlling ways, and quickly. But does she have the strength to choose for herself and make her own destiny?

Jake Dalton, an up and coming contractor, has no time for romance and for the last ten years has poured all his energy and finances into his business. When his workmen indulge in a little cat calling things get a little heated. He steps in to try and smooth ruffled feathers, only to find himself throwing out a dare to the recipient of those cat calls.

Dare she accepts and dare he follow through?

Dare to Love is a fascinating read. The two main characters, although coming from different backgrounds, face very similar challenges. Both are trying to live up to their respective father’s expectations, whilst trying to make it in their choice of careers.

Lucy, who has never wanted for anything, is so much in tune with everyday realities and has such a zest for life. Jake, who has had to struggle to achieve everything has surpassed the critics and their idea of how a construction worker should act, tucks himself away and never lets anyone near, except a selected few.

The interaction between Lucy and her father is well written, as although not agreeing with his particular way of doing things, she will drop everything and rush to him, when he needs her.

Jake has had to grow and accept not only the difference in their lifestyle and financial outlook, but also to learn to open himself to someone else and accept the love that so many people have for him.

Jaci Burton’s latest offering is certainly one for your book shelf.

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Querida – Jamie Craig


Maddy, a widow, career woman, and mother to a teenage son, is at a good place in her life. Widowed for almost a decade, she has dedicated her life to raising her son and building up her career. When her son’s friend flirts with her at her last Christmas party, she find herself quite flattered, but quickly shoots him down.  Her one and only problem at the moment, is wondering whether she will survive her son’s post-teenage years. 
Tonio has always had the hots for his best friend’s mother, since his first visit to their house during Christmas break without his parents. He finds his friend’s mom sexy and admires her for all that she has achieved. Although she put an end to his light flirting, he has never forgotten her and always wondered if he will get another chance with her.
A perfect opportunity comes about when he is asked to drive her to a wedding in San Francisco. On the journey he turns on the charm and makes Maddy aware of his attraction and his intention to seduce her over the weekend.
This is my first m/f book by Jamie Craig and I have to admit, QUERIDA was really good. Classic older woman younger man scenario, but ohhhh the heat these two generate burns the pages.
Maddy is a confident woman who knows her own strengths and when to use them. She has no problem matching Tonio’s Italian charm, and is cautious enough for both of them. Although fun loving and adventurous; Tonio has a level of maturity and realizes the issues that will affect their relationship.
Jamie Craig brings a wealth of emotion to this book - passion, honesty and a few heartbreaking moments that will leave you sighing.
I’m really looking forward to more from Jamie Craig;

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Monday, 14 July 2008

Plain Brown Wrapper - Pyjama Party - Melinda Barron


I have recently become a fan of the PLAIN BROWN WRAPPER series and Melinda Browns outing with PAJAMA PARTY has not let the series down.
Maureen a level headed and dutiful daughter has been through a rough few years. She is now in a position to enjoy some “me” time, with an invitation from Celia - her best friend to a pyjama slumber party. Maureen however has one thing and one thing only on her mind, “get Dane into bed” the guy she has had a crush on since she was twelve years.
She pulls out all the stops in order to make this happen. However after facing one of her fears, her confidence takes a battering, as being all too aware of her plus size figure; an unexpected and very determined flame of Dane is also in there at the party.
Dane has invested all his time and energy the last few years in achieving his career goal, including missing the opportunity to hook up with the girl of his dreams. He has always had a thing for Maureen, and this weekend all bets are off, he intends to make his move and intend to take only one prisoner - Maureen. He is ready to fight all her demons and ensure that she realizes that when he sees her, he sees a beautiful curvaceous woman who means the world to him. Can he however pull it off with all the interruption that appears around every corner?
He has come prepared for nothing and expecting everything.  She has come prepare for everything and expecting a weekend filled up of erotic possibilities. Will they realize that it’s “Truth or Dare Time” quickly enough, before they are torn apart by surmountable issues?
Ms Barron has created a great short story; you have to admire her style of writing, she defiantly packs a mean punch with her love scenes.
I absolutely loved Dane, for heaven sake a man in silk boxer short…..yum yum yum, the drool hasn’t stop running yet. Maureen is a feisty little package who definitely holds her own with Dane. 
Dane and Maureen are great together and the issues they face are every day enough realities to be believable. The general ebb and flow of the supporting personalities is quite refreshing. They know what they are about and being bitches or angels they go after it. The funny interludes in this book cannot be elaborated on enough – you will absolutely be laughing out loud and enjoying it. Both parties realize who party need to give and who needs to take quickly enough to make this a really enjoyable read
Pssssss. – I loved Celia character, she’s is a treat and I hope she whispers in Ms Barron ear and we get a story about her…..soon

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Friday, 11 July 2008

Plain Brown Wrapper: Shadow Lies - Dawn Montgomery


This is a tantalizing prelude to either something upcoming for Ms. Montgomery or something on the back burner - I do hope it is the former. The general layout sounds exciting; with one very determined man and woman with a chip on her shoulder, and a whole lot of trust issues.
Alexander, a vampire returning home after fifteen years, comes face to face with Kris, a past lover he had never forgotten. He is back to claim her, but it would appear; this may not be as easy as he thought, as something is coming, and Kris is not the same girl he left behind.
Kris comes face to face with a past she didn’t expect to find, whilst in the heat of battle. Lust rules the moment and although older and wiser, she throws caution to the wind and indulges. After all she is not the same girl from fifteen years ago, or is she.
SHADOW LIES takes place in the time of vampires, demons and spells and their counterparts, guardians, protector and avenging angels. Kris and her team mate Shanna are two of the latter. They are swift, concise and determined, and they take no prisoners.
I loved all the innuendo of time passed and chanced missed tension that are in these few pages. If the love scene is a taste of things to come - bring it on.
I am shivering in anticipation for the rest of this book; tension, lust and regret are all here.
Great read from Ms. Montgomery.

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Wednesday, 9 July 2008


When genocide leaves Teage and Cade Johnson as the last of their race, they hide in plain sight, by becoming owners and operators of the sex club “Oasis”. With their entire existence based on forged documents and unknown family history, they keep their heads down as with the evolution of the species, there are now nightwalkers and night feeders living alongside humans.

Teage, a loner knows what is at stake if their secret becomes common knowledge, so he never gets involved and never lets anyone close to him. He allows no association with the guys he picks up at the club. Then a one timer becomes a weekly thing, and the lines between what he needs to do and what he feels becomes blurred.
Kyle Drake, a young man going through his own emotional issues, is immediately attracted to Teage. Once a week he waits on the fringes for his few minutes of Teage’s time. All too soon he realizes that this is all he will ever get from him.

When a brutal murder by a rouge nightwalker happens, with eerily similar circumstances to an incident a few months earlier; Teage realizes there are forces at work that not only affect their livelihood, but their very existence. An old friend arrives unexpectedly, and he finds himself under intense scrutiny that leaves a cloud of deep mistrust hanging over is head.

When Kyle goes missing, things move faster than anyone anticipates, Can Teage find him in time, and can he deal with his emerging feelings and recognize them for what they are before it’s too late?

A well written paranormal story by Ms. Young, I thought the introduction of the origin of the races was really well thought out. SECRETS AND LIES has a strong story line with a new twist on the vampire genre.

Ms. Young has always been able to pull at the heartstrings with her very emotional scenes, and with SECRETS AND LIES she has not failed. The detailed descriptions of the characters are such that they literally jump right out you; I liked Teage quite a bit, he’s one of those guys you would not hesitate to dump prince charming for. Kyle is quite endearing as well. Although willing to wait on the fringes for Teage, he is strong enough to know when to expect more.

The love scenes are hot and very erotic. Teage and Kyle make for two unforgettable partners.
This is without a doubt one of Ms Young’s best works and you won’t be able to walk away from this book without a healthy respect for her style of writing.

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Jamesville Series - A Legal Affair - N.J. Walters

At the wedding of her friend and biggest client, small town lawyer Alicia Flint looks across the room and sees the answer to her prayer. Very much aware that her every move is open to scrutiny, she has always maintained an unquestionable lifestyle. But for once both her mind and her body are in total agreement about how the night should end. Now if only the stranger across the room would cooperate.

As a newly retired, burnt out cop, old habits die hard for Gill Barron, and he assumes the position at his friend’s wedding: scanning the crowd, identifying what’s out of place and locking eyes with the first person in a long time that has let his libido jumps up and takes a second look. Although undecided about what to do with the rest of his life, he hopes that the night will end with the stranger across the room.

When Alicia realizes that her new investigator is Gill, her one night stand, she immediately goes on the defensive, Gill, however sees this as an opportunity to get what he wants. And what he wants is Alicia.

N.J. Walters has another winner, with A LEGAL AFFAIR, the fifth in her Jamesville series. The characters of Gill and Alicia from THE SEDUCTION OF SHAMUS O’ROURKE are clearly meant to be together; from the moment they look at each other they click.

I loved the fact that Alicia was woman enough to realize that there comes a time when you have to stand up for your man. Gill is definitely a man’s man, but sensitive enough to accept the issues that surround small town living, even if he does not agree with them.

The love scenes are passionate, and from the moment you start reading Alicia and Gill’s story, the sexual tension holds you and never lets you go.

A LEGAL AFFAIR is another view of small town life, with its lust for gossip, thirst for the worst and unforgiving attitude. Readers will enjoy the twists and turns Ms. Walters takes with her story, and at the end of the book, I truly wished I could have stayed with Alicia and Gill a little longer.

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