Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A Feral Attraction Story: Claiming Their Mate -Paige McKellan-


Fearing for the future of the White Sands Pride, the ruling Leos call for a pair of lions to mate with their daughter and that’s where the fun begins.

Jules, the eldest daughter of the Leos and the future of the pack, has mapped out a plan to see the world. She will have herself a whole lot of fun, then return home to carry on the family name. Not all things happen as she planned. A mate call being sent out before she’s even packed her bag for her wild adventure was most definitely not apart of her plan.

Gabe and Luke, the two brothers that make every cell in Jules body jump up and sing, is one pair of lions that has answered the mate call. They fill her with anticipation and fear and give her the most make her lust-filled.

This was my first Paige McKellan book and I really liked this book, Luke and Gabe make you want to sit up straight and beg for more. The story is classic of the shifter race, and from the beginning all the alphas comes out to play and the testosterone level never drops.

In a male dominated environment, Jules’ character was well written. I like the fact that she was very determined in her effort to get what she wanted, even at times taking matters into her own hands. 

The fact that Gabe and Luke realize the unattainable situation that both Jules and themselves were in makes for many emotional charges scenes where, wills are tested, soul searching is done and compromises are made.

Love scenes are hot and you will definitely wake up wanting after the mate fight scene.

Definitely, Definitely looking forward to more reads from this author.

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