Friday, 27 June 2008

The Boy Next Door G A Hauser


Zachary and Brandon have been friends forever. If you are best friends like they are, all your secrets and firsts are known and done with your best friend.
Both boys grew up in a suburban town of New Jersey, and from the day they met they were inseparable. When teenage curiosity turns into a night that’s everything they had wished for in each other’s arms, it leaves them wanting more and frustrated with their lack of privacy. A sudden family holiday seems to resolve all those issues, but it also increases their chance of discovery.

An accidental meeting after ten years separation finds the boys older, full of anger and wondering if a relationship so new and fragile can survive parental anger, time, and two men angry and full of regret.

Ms. Hauser has managed to create a story that actually starts at the beginning. Although the meat of the story is dealt with in the last five chapters of the book, the build up to getting there is fantastic.

Zachary and Brandon are your average teenagers with all the usual urges and angst. The fact that both their lives took such dramatic paths, due to influences placed on them, is dealt with masterfully by Ms. Hauser. Surviving and forgiving the amount of trauma experienced by both men, while carving out successful careers for themselves, is also testament to the strength of these characters.

The love scenes gets bolder and better as the boys becomes more confident in themselves and each other. Ms. Hauser’s characters tentative steps at getting to know each other as teenagers and eventually rediscovery as adult is a thing of beauty to see evolving. 

I cannot get tired of any thing G A Hauser puts her hands to, and The Boy Next Door is definitely a winner. 

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Wednesday, 25 June 2008

A Feral Attraction Story: Claiming Their Mate -Paige McKellan-


Fearing for the future of the White Sands Pride, the ruling Leos call for a pair of lions to mate with their daughter and that’s where the fun begins.

Jules, the eldest daughter of the Leos and the future of the pack, has mapped out a plan to see the world. She will have herself a whole lot of fun, then return home to carry on the family name. Not all things happen as she planned. A mate call being sent out before she’s even packed her bag for her wild adventure was most definitely not apart of her plan.

Gabe and Luke, the two brothers that make every cell in Jules body jump up and sing, is one pair of lions that has answered the mate call. They fill her with anticipation and fear and give her the most make her lust-filled.

This was my first Paige McKellan book and I really liked this book, Luke and Gabe make you want to sit up straight and beg for more. The story is classic of the shifter race, and from the beginning all the alphas comes out to play and the testosterone level never drops.

In a male dominated environment, Jules’ character was well written. I like the fact that she was very determined in her effort to get what she wanted, even at times taking matters into her own hands. 

The fact that Gabe and Luke realize the unattainable situation that both Jules and themselves were in makes for many emotional charges scenes where, wills are tested, soul searching is done and compromises are made.

Love scenes are hot and you will definitely wake up wanting after the mate fight scene.

Definitely, Definitely looking forward to more reads from this author.

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Monday, 23 June 2008

Feral Attraction: Rachel’s Totem - Marie Harte

Cougar Falls is home to a whole host of shape shifters living in harmony under the protection of a magical totem that hides the town from everybody else - that is, until the death of the guardian of the totem….

Another guardian needs to be found for the totem as, within this supposedly perfect place, there is one group of shifter who wants to rule it all and will do anything to get there hand on the totem….

Rachel is newly divorced and very bitter about the circumstances surrounding it when she arrives in Cougar Falls after the death of her aunt. Expecting to find the same charming town from her previous visits, instead she finds a town where fisticuffs break out at the drop of a hat. Harsh words seem to be the norm and there is an unexplained pull on Rachel’s inner self that she cannot resist. She also finds that the men in Cougar Falls are very attractive with more brawn that most red blooded male.

Burke is a Catamount, one of three brothers that have the adjoining property to Rachel’s inheritance. They have set up their own clan and get on with life as best as they can. Burke is convinced he is at a comfortable place in his life and with the exception of the ownership of the totem. He is not looking for any relationship. Burke and his brothers are just about the only thing that is protecting Rachel’s inheritance from the surrounding shifters.

Ms. Harte has created a diverse set of people in Cougar Falls, which has the feel of any small town, with its lust for gossip, thirst for the worst, and an unforgiving attitude. The interaction between the four Catamount brothers are hysterically funny and well known by the people of Cougar Falls, Although Burke has a hard time dealing with them and they test his every reserve, he is sensitive enough to appreciate the fact that sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have to run with it . 

I like the new take on the shifter town, a welcome change from the usual, all dominating male scenarios. Rachel and Burke are immediately attracted to each other and they get right to it with intensely hot love scenes. As much as Burke thinks he has all he wants he cannot resist the attraction he has for Rachel. Rachel on the other hand has significant trust issues and is very cagey about getting permanent with anyone else after all she has been through.

Although the Totem is a magical artifact, there is actually only one moment of magical use that is displayed in the book. If future books follow, I would expect this aspect to be revisited.  There is one episode of ménage at the end of the book between Rachel and the three brothers, known as the “Marking ceremony”……. Believe me this scene was most definitely worth the wait; I am sure fans of Marie Harte, just as myself  will be eagerly awaiting the other brothers’ chosen mates “Marking ceremonies.”

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